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Bob Stoops Press Conference Part 1

Bob Stoops Part II

Sam Bradford on Texas

Mossis Madu on the OU-Texas game meaning more this year than last:
"It always means this much. We could both be ranked 24 and 25, or we could be unranked. It's OU-Texas and it is always a big deal."

Auston English on being a Texas native playing for Oklahoma in this game:
"It's a big game, I don't think it really matters where you come from once you realize the history behind the series. It becomes a big deal for anybody that goes to your school."

Dominique Franks on the anticipation of OU-Texas:
"There's nothing like OU-Texas. I'm really excited and ready for Saturday to come. This is the biggest anticipation of the year. It's a one versus five matchup. There's just a lot of anticipation going into the game, a lot of talk about whether our defense can stop their offense or their defense being able to stop our offense."

Stoops, OU Players Discuss Texas: SoonerSports.com (Full Transcript)

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