Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Stoops: Opts for Playoff

Oklahoma Sooner Football Articles and Notes

Coach Stoops ready for playoffs?!?: In Oklahoma Bowl Championship Series, Bob Stoops, said.... "I've come full circle," Stoops said Tuesday. "I'm for it." OU competes in the Big 12 South, the toughest division in college football. Four teams, including the Sooners, are ranked in the BCS Top 10. Undefeated Penn State, meanwhile, has only two opponents currently ranked in the BCS Top 25, and none in the Top 10, which makes Penn State's road to the BCS national title easier than OU's. Stoops said a playoff would level the playing field for schools with more difficult schedules against schools with softer competition. "With the differences in non-conference scheduling, some people have some difficult games, some people don't," Stoops said. "And some conferences don't have a championship game, others do."

It was published Nov. 28 2006: "Stoops provides "coffee talk" on playoff system.
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