UPDATE: OU-BYU at New Cowboys Stadium?

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OU-BYU at new Cowboys Stadium? UPDATE Brigham Young football coach Bronco Mendenhall caused waves Tuesday, telling reporters that BYU could be playing a game at the Dallas Cowboys stadium in 2009. Mendenhall singled out Oklahoma as a possible opponent. "I know that we have been and are being considered for some early games next year, and that was one of them," Mendenhall said. "There was a chance that it could be against Oklahoma. But there were a list of teams for us to play, or we might have been just one of the teams being considered to play." The Salt Lake Tribune reported discussions are ongoing with ESPN representatives for BYU to play a game next September at the new Cowboys stadium. OU spokesman Kenny Mossman, however, said talk of a game with BYU in Dallas is premature. (More at The Oklahoman) (11/05/08)
UPDATE: Brigham Young athletic director Tom Holmoe told reporters Wednesday that he's close to finalizing BYU's 2009 schedule. Will that include playing Oklahoma in the new Dallas Cowboys stadium in Texas in a season-opener? "I think everybody knows that when I am working with scheduling, I don't want to announce anything, or say anything out there until it is done," Holmoe told The Salt Lake Tribune. "Right now, it is pretty obvious there are a lot of things that are going on. It is not that I have been trying to keep anything from the fans or the press or anything, but we are very close to solidifying a change." (Jake Trotter's OU Blog)
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