Wednesday, February 4, 2009

2009 OU Signing Day

Oklahoma Sooner Football Articles and Notes

Pos Nat'l Rating Name School, Hometown
  1. OT Josh Aladenoye (North Mesquite HS)Mesquite, TX
  2. QB Drew Allen (Alamo Heights HS) San Antonio, TX
  3. MLB (****) Jaydan Bird (Conway Springs HS) Conway Springs, KS
  4. S (****) Kevin Brent (South Oak Cliff HS) Dallas, TX
  5. DE Jarrett Brown (Bowie HS) Arlington, TX
  6. DE (****) Justin Chaisson (Bishop Gorman HS) Las Vegas, NV
  7. OG Tyler Evans (Strafford HS) Strafford, MO
  8. DE Terry Franklin (Mansfield Legacy HS) Mansfield, TX
  9. S (****) Javon Harris (MacArthur HS) Lawton,OK
  10. CB Demontre Hurst (Lancaster HS) Lancaster, TX
  11. TE Gabe Ikard (Bishop Mcguinness HS) Oklahoma City, OK
  12. OG Tavaris Jeffries (Coahoma CC) Clarksdale, MS
  13. MLB Gus Jones (Wagoner HS) Wagoner, OK
  14. WR (****) Cameron Kenney(Garden City) Garden City, KS
  15. SLB Ronnell Lewis (Dewar HS) Dewar, OK
  16. CB (*****) Gabe Lynn (Jenks HS) Jenks, OK
  17. DT (*****) Jamarkus McFarland (Lufkin HS) Lufkin,TX
  18. RB Jonathon Miller (Naaman Forest HS) Garland, TX
  19. S Marshall Musil (Lacrosse HS) La Crosse, KS
  20. WR Jaz Reynolds (Eisenhower HS) Houston, TX
  21. CB (****) Marcus Trice (Mesquite HS) Mesquite, TX
  22. OT Jeff Vinson (Lackawanna) Scranton, PA
  23. LB (****) Tom Wort (New Braunfels HS) New Braunfels, TX

Coach Bob Stoops on OU's Signing Day

"Exciting day and a good day for us here on signing day. We are announcing 22 new signees and one more just pending paperwork. It is just a formality, one other guy just finishing up and making sure things are the right way. We don't expect anything to go wrong in that area. So 22 right now and one pending with a little bit of paperwork yet to be completed.

"Speaking of those guys I really like the class and really feel like, as usual, we have a very diverse class where we have recruited all positions. We really filled some needs where we have had graduation, whether it be this year or we have some graduation that we are realizing this coming season. I really feel like our staff really worked hard and did an excellent job. Throughout the year, more and more players are making their decisions early. We had a good number of commitments early, even before the fall season began. Then we worked it through the fall and here through the winter months to really sign an excellent class.

"Again more than anything this is a class that addressed the needs for our football team and we are at the right number at this point with 23 signees. Sometimes people are signing 27-28 players to their class. We were able to hit the numbers right where we wanted to.

"In this class we have probably the biggest need graduating, five offensive linemen. We signed four, with two of them being junior college guys. Really all four guys are big talented guys that are the body types we are used to working with. We really feel they are going to help us and they are the style of players we are used to getting.

"Outside of that on offense, the 10 offensive players we signed include a quarterback in Drew Allen that again is our style of quarterback. We are really excited about Drew, who is here on campus already and again really fits our profile at quarterback. He is an excellent thrower, excellent athlete, a good size guy. We are excited to have him on campus.

"Then in the backfield with him we have Jonathan Miller, a running back. An exciting guy, really explosive, fast and has good speed. Another guy Marshall Musil, who is similar to Matt Clapp in that he is an excellent athlete and a rangy big guy that is a fullback slash H-back. So a very similar body to a Matt Clapp or a Brody Eldridge. A very versatile guy and again love the size, toughness and athletic ability of Marshall. He is a good running back and tough guy that could play linebacker, but we anticipate using him somewhere on the offensive side.

"Again we love guys like Matt Clapp and Brody Eldridge that we can use and move all over, whether they block, pass receive or are great special teams players. Marshall fits that profile. Another guy that is similar to that is Gabe Ikard. He is a tight end from Oklahoma City. Gabe is also an excellent athlete, an all-around athlete at his school that does a great job in everything that he participates in. He was a great leader on his team at tight-end.

"Then a couple of receivers, Jaz Reynolds and Cameron Kenney. A couple of guys with excellent speed, explosiveness, great hands and really good athletes. Again we really feel like they will help us at receiver.

"That is the ten offensive guys to address. The 12 defensive players currently, pending one. Again I felt that we met the needs. Our biggest needs initially were at linebacker, where we signed four guys, Ronnell Lewis, Tom Wort, Gus Jones and Jayden Bird. Three of them are here already and that is exciting because they get to go through the entire winter and go through spring. Not only did we go through the season thin at linebacker, we have four graduating seniors coming up this following year. So even though we signed four, for those recruits out there listening for next year, we are still going to be thin next year. That is with four leaving. All these guys are athletic players, they all have range and size. All of them have played really well at the schools they have been in.

"We also addressed strong needs at defensive back. We felt like we have been short in our numbers there and I really believe this group of players have some size. Guys like Kevin Brent and Javon Harris, who is already here working with us. Bigger and stronger guys and anticipate them to be in some safety positions. Then Demontre Hurst and Gabe Lynn, that are not here, but are very athletic and fast players. They are explosive, have good hands and are good athletes.

"Outside of that, up front we've got Jamarkus McFarland. A well talked about recruit, but again a guy that we are really excited about. I truly always believe that defense starts inside, with your players inside. Jamarkus comes in here with a similar style of play. He is very physical, has excellent feet and just a very tough and hard playing guy that is along the same molds as a Gerald McCoy, Tommie Harris and those type of guys that really anchor our defense from inside out. Jamarkus is a really talented player, a highly recruited player that we are awfully excited about.

"Along with him we have three guys that are very athletic. Jarrett Brown, Justin Chassion and Terry Franklin are all defensive ends that have excellent range, are very athletic and have good speed. They are good rushers on the outside. We feel that with those four guys up front we addressed our needs.

"Where everybody is from, we have five from Oklahoma, 11 from Texas, two from Kansas and then we have everything in there. We have Missouri, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada and three junior college players. It's a strong class and more than anything I feel like we really addressed our needs and am excited to get ready to work with these guys. I really believe they will continue to keep our future here at Oklahoma bright and on the championship path." (More at
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