OU Defends Secondary Rules Violations

Oklahoma Sooner Football Articles and Notes

University of Oklahoma defends NCAA secondary rules violations: According to the compliance report, Oklahoma's secondary violations of NCAA rules have increased "consistently" since 2002. "However, this trend should not be interpreted as negative, but rather reflects more effective and thorough monitoring," according to the April 1 report written by vice president and general counsel Anil Gollahalli. The report lists 11 total secondary violations for the 2002-03 and 2003-04 school years, but at least 30 for every year since and a high point of 46 in 2005-06. (Star-Telegram)

List of the violations in the report obtained by the Associated Press
  • providing too much money to a football player to return home for the holidays because of an incorrect address;
  • coach Bob Stoops and two assistants inadvertantly visiting a recruit's basketball game that had been rescheduled because of an ice storm;
  • Stoops mentioning at a news conference the name of a walk-on player who was technically still a prospect;
  • Stoops sending an impermissible text to a recruit when he thought he was sending an e-mail from his BlackBerry device;
  • assistant coach Jackie Shipp taking a recruit to a restaurant he thought was on campus;
  • And the program improperly providing meals and lodging worth $361.95 on a recruit's official visit because of a mixup regarding his legal guardian.

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