Monday, August 24, 2009

Balogun Looking to Comprise With NCAA?

Possible pending agreement between NCAA and Balogun? Mike Balogun's attorney, Woody Glass, told The Oklahoman that today's temporary injunction hearing against the NCAA has been cancelled, and that he is working on an agreement that will have the NCAA re-evaluate his client's eligibility outside the courts. "Our hope is to get all this information that I've uncovered the last several weeks back to the NCAA," Glass said, "and let them make a decision." Glass said part of the pending agreement with the NCAA is "getting in place deadline dates," so a ruling can be made before Oklahoma's Sept. 5 opener with Brigham Young. "Their attorneys have been very helpful and have shown a willingness to speed up the issue," Glass said. The main reason, Glass said, for taking Balogun's case back out of court is NCAA bylaw 19.7. which allows for penalties against schools that allow student-athletes to play under a court order and that order is later overturned or found to be unjustified. (More at The Oklahoman)

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