Thursday, September 3, 2009

Balogun's Attorney Confident Linebacker Will Be Re-Certified

Mike Balogun's attorney confident NCAA will certify linebacker: Woody Glass, the attorney for University of Oklahoma linebacker Mike Balogun, told the Star-Telegram that he's confident his client will be certified to play this season.
"I'm frustrated that it's taken this long and continue to press toward a deadline that we believed would concur with my agreement to suspend the [civil court] hearing on a permanent injunction," Woody Glass said after two days with an NCAA investigator in the Maryland area. "That has yet to occur. But I still feel confident based on everything that has happened that Mike will be certified -- sooner, hopefully, than later."

Glass and a NCAA investigator spent Monday and Tuesday interviewing a person with knowledge of Balogun's semi-pro career, though, Glass is unable to comment on the interview.
"Because of some confidentiality that I have agreed to with the NCAA, I cannot discuss at this time what the content of the [interview] was," Glass said. "But I think that people can read into that, that I still feel confident that Mike will be certified."

Mike Balogun's eligibility was decertified on Aug. 14 by the NCAA.
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