Sam Bradford to Start Week One

Report: Rams to name Sam Bradford starting quarterback: Jay Glazer of FOX Sports reports that the Rams have settled on a starting quarterback for Week One of the 2010 season. And it isn't A.J. Feeley. Or Keith Null. Or Thaddeus Lewis. Per Glazer, No. 1 overall pick Sam Bradford will be announced as the team's starter on Saturday. (ProFootballTalk.com)
UPDATE: It's Official; Bradford Era Begins: No. 1 overall draft pick Sam Bradford will start at quarterback for the St. Louis Rams in the regular-season opener at home against the Arizona Cardinals next weekend. Coach Steve Spagnuolo announced the decision Saturday, saying Bradford had earned the job. "We're confident. The staff's confident. The team's confident," Spagnuolo said. "It's well deserved." (AP/ESPN.com)
UPDATE: Steve Spagnuolo Press conference:
Transcript from Steve Spagnuolo, St. Louis Rams head coach, press conference naming Sam Bradford week one starter against Arizona.
(Opening remarks)
“I know how important this is to you and the whole fan base, so let me…I’ve really got two things I want to hit you with. One is that the three quarterbacks that will be on our football team are (Sam) Bradford, A.J. Feeley, and Thad Lewis, so that you know that. I did talk to the quarterbacks this morning, and visited with the team. We will start Sam Bradford against Arizona this week. We’re confident, the staff’s confident, the team’s confident. It’s well-deserved. He deserves this opportunity. The other two moves were, we placed two guys on IR today: (S) Kevin Payne and (OT) Eric Young. So both of those guys went to the IR. I think I talked with you the other day, they had some injury situations. Now, I’m in the middle, to be honest with you, of doing the other things, getting the roster taken care of, so this will be pretty quick. But I did want to get that to you, and with that I’ll open it up.”

(On what proved Bradford was deserving of the starting quarterback job)
“Well, it was evident in these last three games. He had pretty good control of what we were doing. The team kind of rallies around him. And again, I think we’re very, very fortunate to have a guy like A.J. Feeley in this particular role as a backup quarterback who is what he is, which is a seasoned vet that knows the ins and outs and can kind of feed that to Sam as he goes along here.”

(On how much Bradford’s progression has come from Feeley’s influence)
“Oh, I think there’s a percentage there. It’s not only coaching through (Quarterbacks coach) Dick (Curl) and (Offensive Coordinator) Pat (Shurmur), and certainly Sam’s work himself. But it’s always nice to have a player, a guy that’s been through the same things, who goes out there, takes a snap just like he does, sees it through the helmet just like he does. That, I think is very beneficial.”

(On why he’s convinced Bradford is prepared for everything that will come his way as a starting NFL quarterback)
“Well, I don’t think that anybody in this situation, coming in as a rookie quarterback, is ready for everything. I’m sure that these defensive coordinators will fire things at him that we haven’t seen yet. I totally anticipate that. He anticipates it. But you just prep him with the basics. He’s got a good team around, this will still be about the team. The guys have been doing a good job all the way through. When we talk about Sam leading the team in these preseason games, there were ten other guys out there who really did a nice job, too.”

(On what Bradford’s reaction to becoming the starting quarterback was)
“Obviously, very positive, but very professional and businesslike, which is Sam, and that’s a really good quality.”

(On whether that’s the reaction he expected)
“Yeah, in getting to know him.

(On whether Bradford celebrated at all)
No, he went right to work.”
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