Stoops: Players Make Foolish Statements on Twitter

Twitter has given OU coach Bob Stoops some headaches: Aspects of Twitter can and have given Bob Stoops plenty of headaches.

Jaz Reynolds tweeting insensitive comments in the aftermath of a shooting in Austin, Texas.

Kenny Stills complaining about compliance.

Tony Jefferson lamenting his lack of a spot on the All-Big 12 team.

And the latest Twitter fiasco in Soonerland: Kameel Jackson's impulsive announcement that he was transferring to Texas A&M.

Jackson was one of four Sooners suspended indefinitely by Stoops for violating team rules. The suspensions were handed down before Jackson's Twitter announcement, which didn't mention why he suddenly wanted out of Norman.

“He shouldn't be on Twitter when he's making a foolish statement,” Stoops said last week before speaking at the Sooner Caravan in Plano. “He's making a statement that he shouldn't be making when he's already been suspended for eight or 10 games. He didn't detail that on his Twitter.”

Trey Franks, Quentin Hayes and Jaz Reynolds were removed from their scholarships, but Stoops allowed Jackson to work through summer school.

“‘Since I can't play this year, maybe I'll go somewhere else,'” Stoops said when describing Jackson's thought process. “Then he decides, or realizes, he'll have to sit out next year too (if he transfers).

“That isn't why he's coming back; maybe parents or other influences realize, ‘It's all your fault. If you want to go to class and do simple things that you're able to do, you can play here.'” (More at The Oklahoman)
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