Coach Stoops Excited to Have Brother Mike Back as Assistant

Oklahoma Coach Bob Stoops talked to members of the media during Big XII Media Days on Monday. He addressed the return of his brother, Mike Stoops, as defensive coordinator.

“I'm excited to have Mike back, for a number of reasons. Not only personally, but professionally, when we've worked together, it's been pretty positive. You look at our years either competing at Iowa together as players, but also the years at Kansas State coaching defense together, (to) his, whatever, 5-6 years with us at Oklahoma up to 2003, we did pretty well overall. Mike can only do so much, though, just like any coach can. Players are ultimately what win and lose for you. But I do believe in the last couple years, for whatever reason, and we've really looked at it, our defense hasn't been quite as strong as what we've been used to in our first 10-12 years. So hopefully we can make fewer mental mistakes in some areas and be a little sharper in what we're doing to play more consistently better defense. That's what Mike will be working hard on, and I've obviously got a lot of faith in him."
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