Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Justin Brown Receives Death Threats

Former Penn State WR Justin Brown: Transfer 'was hard decision': Justin Brown went to his Penn State teammates for their blessing.

Certainly he didn't have to, but Brown did. He told them he wanted to transfer to Oklahoma for his senior season, but wanted to ask what they thought about the idea first.

"It was a hard decision, so I ran it by them," Brown said. "Most said for me to do what was best for me. They thought it was a better move and they wouldn't lose any respect for me for making the decision."

Now, he's at Oklahoma, already fielding death threats on Twitter before fielding a single punt on the field.

"Everything happened so fast," said Brown on Tuesday in Norman, when he answered questions for nearly 30 minutes after the Sooners' practice. "It was difficult and the players went through a lot. People say I left them and I'm not a part of that, but the players know I'm still there with them." (More at FOX Sports Southwest)

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