Saturday, January 26, 2013

Spencer Tillman Is Concerned About Direction of Program

WINNING (or virtually sharing) a Big 12 championship every other year and losing three games should not be an acceptable standard at Oklahoma.

Those are the sentiments of many former Sooner players, including three OU stars who grew up in Tulsa and were in the inaugural class of the Tulsa Public Schools Athletics Hall of Fame on Thursday night.

From schematics on offense and defense to evaluation of recruits to work ethic within the coaching staff to talent on the field, Randy Hughes (Memorial), Tony Casillas (East Central) and Spencer Tillman (Edison) spoke candidly about the program they love and the recent results of head coach Bob Stoops.

"I've showed support for Bob," said Tillman, 48, an OU running back from 1983-86 who played eight seasons for the Oilers and 49ers. "But I did unequivocally say, if he can't get it done, if they can't get it corrected, they need a change. That's the bottom line.

"In any other sphere of life, in business, if you can not meet the numbers, if you can not do what the constituency has hired you to do, they need a change. You're managing for shareholder value. I can't blame him for just wanting to hang on, like anybody would want to keep their job."

Tillman and others think Stoops can get the program back to competing for national championships again.

"Anybody is able to turn it around," Tillman said. "The question is, will they?"  (More at Tulsa World)
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