Weitzenhoffer Scholar-Athlete Breakfast Award Winners

The University of Oklahoma Athletics Department honored numerous student-athletes, coaches and members of the OU faculty at the 15th annual Max Weitzenhoffer Scholar-Athlete Breakfast on Tuesday at the Molly Shi Boren Ballroom in the Oklahoma Memorial Union.

OU President David L. Boren and OU Vice President for Intercollegiate Athletics Programs and Athletics Director Joe Castiglione presented more than 40 academic, community and achievement awards. Below is a list of the 12 awards and the corresponding recipients:

Conference Medal Award (For Seniors)

Each Big 12 institution may award a Conference Medal Award annually to a male and female student-athlete who has completed his/her athletic eligibility and who has made the most outstanding record in athletics and scholarship.

Nicole Furmanek (Rowing)
Kevin Williams (Track and Field)

Jay Myers Award (For True Freshmen)

Given to freshman student-athletes who best combine excellence in scholarship with potential excellence in their chosen field of athletic endeavor.

Rachel Bolton (Track and Field)
C.J. Cole (Men's Basketball)
Ty Darlington (Football)
Everette Favor (Track and Field)
Amanda Johnson (Women's Golf)
Keeley Kmieciak (Women's Gymnastics)
Allison Kwiecinski (Rowing)
Haley Scaman (Women's Gymnastics)
Beau Titsworth (Men's Golf)

Dan Gibbens Outstanding Scholar Athlete of the Year

Bestowed upon student-athletes who have attained the highest level of scholarly and athletic success in the prior calendar year. Scholarship is to be measured by appropriate indices and academic attainment including grade point average. Athletic success is to be measured by overall athletic performance.

Jacy Bennett (Track and Field)
Nicole Furmanek (Rowing)
Bubby Graham (Wrestling)
Whitney Hand (Women's Basketball)
Gabe Ikard (Football)
Joanna McFarland (Women's Basketball)
Katharine Nutman (Soccer)
Morgan Reynolds (Volleyball)

Athletics Council Service Award

Student-athletes receiving this award have made important contributions to the community through their commitment to service.

Michelle Gascoigne (Softball)
Whitney Hand (Women's Basketball)
William Kogel (Track and Field)
Morgan Reynolds (Volleyball)
Brianna Turang (Softball and Soccer)
Tress Way (Football)
Rebecca Winchester (Rowing)

Athletics Council Achievement Award

Honors graduating student-athletes who have overcome great personal, academic, and/or emotional odds to achieve academic success while participating in intercollegiate athletics. These young men or women may not be the best athletes or students and therefore may not have been recognized by other organizations or via other awards, but they have persevered and made significant personal strides toward success. The common thread for all of those to be considered for this award is a motivation/drive to succeed and work ethic that overcomes difficult situations.

Whitney Hand (Women's Basketball)
Heather House (Rowing)
Kayla Nowak (Women's Gymnastics)
Jessica Shults (Softball)
Austin Woods (Football)

Athletics Council Academic and Student Life Award for Coaches

Presented to a coach for exemplary encouragement of the personal development and academic achievement of student-athletes through principles of life skills.

Lon Kruger (Men's Basketball Head Coach)

Sooner Schooner Scholastic Award

Given annually to the football letterman who has completed his eligibility and has maintained the highest grade point average throughout his years of participation.

Jaydan Bird (Football)

CHAMPS/Life Skills Award

The team receiving this award has earned the most competition points by attendance at life skills events, athletics competitions, community service hours, campus cultural events, Bridge Builder and SAAC events, as well as individual GPAs.

Women's Gymnastics

Athletics Director's Leadership Award

Given to student-athletes who demonstrate extraordinary leadership in representing the University of Oklahoma and their teams. The award recognizes the special qualities of being a leader, including mental toughness, ability to work with others, giving respect and gaining the respect of others, integrity and accountability.

Nicole Furmanek (Rowing)
Whitney Hand (Women's Basketball)
Romero Osby (Men's Basketball)
Morgan Reynolds (Volleyball)

Most Inspiring Faculty

Awarded to faculty members who have motivated and inspired student-athletes. These are chosen by the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee.

Dr. Daniel Emery (Professor in Business Communication)
Dr. Geary Hobson (Professor in English)
Dr. Allen Knehans (Professor in Health & Exercise Science)

Prentice Gautt Award

Established by the Oklahoma House of Representatives and awarded annually by OU's Black Student Association, the award honors a male and female student-athlete who demonstrate the dignity, integrity and strength of character reminiscent of Oklahoma's first African American scholarship athlete.

Jasmine Hartman (Women's Basketball)
Romero Osby (Men's Basketball)

Gerald Lage Award

Initiated in 2011, the Gerald Lage Award is the Big 12 Conference's highest academic honor. It is named for Dr. Gerald Lage, who was the Faculty Athletics Representative at Oklahoma State University from 1983-2007. To be eligible for this award, students must have earned 100 hours with a 3.80 GPA, be a letterwinner, and must be in residence at their institution for at least one academic year.

Jacy Bennett, (Track and Field)
Laura Combs (Rowing)
Bubby Graham (Wrestling)
Whitney Hand (Women's Basketball)
Gabe Ikard (Football)
Katharine Nutman (Soccer)
Ryan Proctor (Men's Tennis)

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