Thursday, July 11, 2013

Bosworth: OU Football Has 'lost a lot of our bite'

Brian Bosworth will be in Tulsa on Saturday night for the premiere of his new movie “Revelation Road 2: The Sea of Glass and Fire,” an independent, faith-based film that will be shown at Starworld 20.


After talking about the film for a Sunday Tulsa World story, Bosworth took time for a question-and-answer session regarding Oklahoma football. He spoke about his days as “The Boz” under Barry Switzer, the “loss of bite” of the current OU program and not being inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame despite an All-America career at Oklahoma.

Tulsa World: Some talk about “feeding the monster” that is Oklahoma football. Is OU just as big a “monster” or even bigger than when you played?

Brian Bosworth Bigger monster, smaller teeth. I think we have lost a lot of our bite. We’re lost a lot of our fight. We’ve lost a lot of our passion. I think we’re lost a lot of our tradition. I think that comes from a lot of different sources. It comes from players that have different agendas, the advent of social media, the selfishness that players have in their long-time vision versus their short-term goals and dreams …

They don’t come to Oklahoma because they want to make Oklahoma their dream. It’s not like they’ve been six, eight, 10 years old and dreaming of wearing crimson and cream. They’ve been six, eight and 10 and they have been playing NFL Madden Football. They are not there to continue a tradition. They are there to start their career. (In part and more at Tulsa World)

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