Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Adrian Peterson Views PED Accusations as a 'Compliment'

Adrian Peterson says he doesn't know which players use human growth hormone, nor does he want to know. But the NFL's reigning MVP is "sure" it happens and looks forward to testing that proves he's clean.

"People are trying to get the edge," Peterson told USA TODAY Sports recently at the Minnesota Vikings' training camp.

"The reality of it is, people are trying to provide for their families. People are trying to keep their spot on the rosters. If it's something they can use that's not going to show up, they're going to use it."

Even though he says he always takes accusations of his own possible PED use as a compliment.

"Seriously. Especially with the amount of work I put in," Peterson said. "Guys say that to me, or if I hear someone saying that — it makes me feel good.

"When you know you don't do it, and someone's saying you do, you're like, 'Wow. They think I'm on HGH? I'm doing that good? Well, hoo! Thank you, Jesus!' It's a compliment. I don't get mad about it at all."(USA Today)

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