Kendal Thompson Would Be Ineligible to Transfer to OBU

Posted by Gilbert Sam on 4:15 PM
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Some theorized that Kendal Thompson might decide, in leaving OU, to drop down in status for his next go-round of college football. Thompson’s Southmoore High School coach, Chris Jensen, now coaches Oklahoma Baptist University, where Thompson’s former OU and Southmoore teammate, Nyko Symonds, is a star receiver.

But turns out, Thompson would be ineligible at OBU or any other NAIA school.

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Thompson plans to graduate from OU, which would make him eligible to play immediately at any NCAA school, even Division I-A programs, provided they offered a graduate program unavailable at the departing school.

But an NAIA source pointed out to me that the NAIA actually has a rule requiring a graduate student at an NAIA school to have completed his or her bachelor’s degree from the same school. (More at The Oklahoman)