Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Former Sooner Ryan Broyles Says Knees Are Healthy

Former Sooner Ryan Broyles is currently in Dallas rehabbing and training. He began jogging two weeks ago and recently began running, cutting, jumping and rebuilding the left calf muscle that atrophied after the surgery.

"Every day I'm getting stronger," he said. "I'm four months out and can't wait to see where I'll be 10 months out. Right now I'm happy with my progress."

If there's one thing Broyles learned from the two knee injuries that precipitated his most recent setback, it's not to rush things.

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Sometimes that's easier said than done, however, especially for a player who's heard the rumblings from fans and analysts about how the Lions missed on picking him in the second round two years ago.

"I know the deal with the Lions right now and you feel like you have a deadline because there's guys counting on you, especially coming in from the second round," Broyles said.

"I'm hoping to hit the ground running," he said of training camp. "I'll be about 10 months out in July so hopefully I'll feel pretty good.

"I've started to do some reaction work, so that's a big deal in football right now. It's not just me saying go and go. I've got the therapist telling me when to go and when to react, so we've picked up on that. Six more months of that and I'll feel pretty good." (Detroit Lions)
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