Oklahoma Coach Bob Stoops Conference Call

Head Coach Bob Stoops
Big 12 Conference Call
April 22, 2014

On if it is helpful to have a QB like Baker Mayfield that has already played in the Big 12 to run the scout team:
“Definitely. Anytime you have a guy that’s a good player going against your scout team it’s always a positive. Baker (Mayfield) with his experience will obviously do a great job.”

On if he has seen QB Trevor Knight make progress since the Sugar Bowl:
“Yeah, definitely. I think a couple of things definitely. The confidence comes from playing so well in that last game and it will probably ease him up even more with Blake Bell moving to tight end, just being a leader and what not with Blake going to tight end. He has adapted to it in a really positive way. I think those two things together have allowed him to really shuttle into the position.”

On if Blake Bell having an edge at tight end being a former QB:
“Definitely. He understands what the quarterback is looking for, he understands coverage, facing all of that really well. And he’s really natural, soft hands; he’s got the size and strength for the position so I think it’s going to be really positive for him.”

On if he views student athletes as university employees:
“No. I look at them as part of our family in a way that we’re here to support them and help them in any way possible and help guide them and help them get their education along with develop them to be as good of athletes as they want to be. That’s kind of different because I’ve never fired one. So, if they’re employees, you have to fire them and I’d never want to do that to a young guy that’s doing the best that he can to be a part of this program.”

On what kind of a person he is looking for to fill the director of player personnel spot:
“Mostly where Reed (Case) was. A guy that’s just personable, can organize recruiting. Not a guy that’s looking to be on the field because he’s not allowed to be on the field. More just a guy that administrates recruiting, that understands recruiting and hosts people when they’re here, can direct our coaches and can help Coach (Cale) Gundy, our recruiting coordinator, just help him do that and keep up with it all.”

On where he keeps finding versatile fullbacks:
“We’re very aware when we see good football players that may not have all the stars or may not fit any one particular position but we love the way they play, they’re smart, they’ve got size, they can play multiple positions and Dimitri (Flowers), we’re so thrilled – we kept saying this is the first guy in three years that we felt reminded us of Trey Millard – and then the more we watched him we were going to offer him and sure enough you get him on campus and he’s everything and more than we thought he’d be. So we’re elated with all the things he can do and how similar he is to Trey Millard and all the versatility that Trey gave us.”

On if he is open to transfers from Division I schools:
“We’re open to them for sure. Justin Brown came in here in a different circumstance from Penn State and really made a huge impact on our team a couple of years ago so I think everybody is, in the right circumstances. Like you said, as long as it’s a positive fit for you.”

On if QB Baker Mayfield will be put on scholarship:
“We’ll see what the future holds for him. Right now, that hasn’t been determined.”

On the biggest change in moving from the BCS title game to the playoffs:
“I don’t know that it’s going to affect anything in the way you operate what you do. The only thing I can maybe anticipate is teams that haven’t been playing a very difficult non-conference schedule may step that up a little bit to try to ensure that all things are equal. With four teams, you may be the fifth or sixth team and you’ve played a more difficult non-conference schedule you may get the nod instead of someone else. So there may be a little more to that but other than that I don’t see much difference.”

On players that stood out in spring ball:
“On defense, Ahmad Thomas, Hatari Byrd – guys that really came on – Michael Onuoha and Charles Walker up front defensively, Jordan Evans, linebacker, really looked good. Offensively, the running backs all did a nice job – Keith Ford, Alex Ross. Receivers, K.J. Young did a nice job, Dannon Cavil, Jordan Smallwood. So anyway, those are just a few, I guess. All the young quarterbacks – those guys had some nice days. They still need more time on the field but they’ve all got the skills that you really want.”

On FB Dimitri Flowers’ injury after the spring game:
“He’ll be out a week, that’s it. Just a slight sprain.”

On the support of the program after the Sugar Bowl:
“We’ve always had a great fan base for sure. I think with our administration and me agreeing to it, we just did more with the spring game promotion-wise. We made it a little more fan friendly, a little more entertaining with some of the things we did and had a perfect day for it so fortunately we had a great turnout – 43,500. But again, we’ve sold out every home game for 15 years so we’ve got a great fan base for sure.”

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