Kurt Warner on Sam Bradford: It's Time to Develop Confidence

Kurt Warner and former Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford couldn't have taken paths any different to become the starting quarterback for the St. Louis Rams than the ones that ultimately landed them in the position.

But that doesn't mean Warner can't understand what Bradford goes through in his efforts to prove the job should belong to him well into the future.

In evaluating Bradford, Warner points to the need for an improved supporting cast that's existed almost since his arrival in St. Louis as the No. 1 overall pick in 2010.

"I’m the first one to say that I understand playing that position has so much to do with the people around you," Warner said. "But there’s also part of that position where you have to step up and separate yourself and be able to carry your team. Those are the expectations that are on Sam right now. They haven’t always had the pieces around him to allow him to make plays but being where he’s at, now they’ve got some young talent here, it becomes that next step for him to take that next leadership role and to take more upon himself."

Sam Bradford 'Way Ahead of Schedule' in Recovery

Therein lies the additional ways Warner would like to see Bradford elevate his game. While he's remained a proponent of Bradford's, there's one key area he'd like to see improve. He shared that with "The Fast Lane," the afternoon drive radio show on 101 ESPN in St. Louis during a Monday interview.

"I think he wants to be great," Warner told the radio station. "I think he's a smart kid. ... there's a lot of good things that I see. I think the one thing for me when I watch film is I want to see him develop the confidence where he's willing to take some chances with the football. That he's willing to say, 'Guys, follow me.' I'm going to carry us a little bit. I'm going to take that shot down the field because I see it and I believe I can make it as opposed to second-guessing himself and throwing the check down." (More at ESPN.com)
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