DA: If Joe Mixon Altercation Were Between Two Men 'Probably Aren't Any Charges'

Oklahoma freshman running back Joe Mixon has been charged with one misdemeanor count of acts resulting in gross injury in Cleveland County.

Mixon was involved in an altercation in late July with 20-year-old OU student Amelia Rae Molitor at the restaurant.

The affidavit filed in the case said at least two witnesses identified Mixon as striking Molitor in the face.

The victim told officers at the scene that the altercation began when Mixon directed a homosexual slur toward one of Molitor’s friends.

The surveillance video from inside the restaurant—according to the affidavit—showed Molitor pushing Mixon before the football player lunged at her. Molitor then slapped Mixon and Mixon reacted by hitting her on the left side of her face with his closed right fist.

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Molitor was knocked into a table top and then to the ground by the blow.

In the affidavit, Norman police said their investigation found Mixon could be charged with a more severe aggravated assault and battery charge, a felony, and/or the lesser misdemeanor count.

Cleveland County District Attorney Greg Mashburn said the facts of the case warranted the lesser charge.

“If it was two guys fighting, and one guy pushes and he punches one time back and breaks a guy’s jaw, there’s probably not any charges at all,” Mashburn said. “But because her injuries were so severe, and because of the moral issue that the statute addresses, I believe that this charge is appropriate.” (The Oklahoman)
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