Thursday, October 23, 2014

Prosecution's Request to Remove Judge From Adrian Peterson Case Denied

A Texas judge swept aside a possible block Wednesday to a Dec. 1 trial for former Sooner and Minnesota Vikings MVP Adrian Peterson’s felony child abuse case.

Retired Texas Judge Jeff Walker declined the prosecution’s request to take Judge Kelly Case off the case.

Montgomery County, Texas, prosecutors had claimed Case is biased against their office. District Attorney Brett Ligon noted that Case had recently referred to him as a “media whore.” Peterson’s defense attorneys wanted to keep Case on the bench, saying the prosecutor hadn’t met the high standard necessary to remove the judge.

Walker agreed with the defense, saying prosecutors failed to meet the requirements necessary to remove Case. Walker forbade prosecutors from making one of their arguments — what they believe to be a history of bias by Case. Walker said the prosecutors had not raised those issues in a timely manner.

At Peterson’s first hearing a couple of weeks ago, Ligon asked Case to recuse himself. The judge declined, saying the “whore” comment was an attempt at humor. (Star-Tribune)

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