Stadium Renovations On Schedule For 2016 Season Opener

University of Oklahoma associate athletic director Larry Naifeh met with media members on Thursday to provide an update on the progress of the ongoing stadium renovation.

Here are few questions from the Q&A provided by Tulsa World.

Does the plan still call for completion of the seating bowl by the 2016 opener?
Naifeh: “It does. As the athletic director told everybody at the Sooner Caravan stop in Oklahoma City, we’ll be ready to go. That’s the plan. The project will have different completion dates. The elements that need to be completed for the first home game in the 2016 season, all the seating, the clubs, the loge boxes, the suites, those items will be completed. The other auxiliary elements, the student-athlete areas, the coaches offices, those elements will be completed later.” 
Later as in?
Naifeh: “It will most likely be after the season. It will be some time in the spring of ’17.” 
Is there a specific target date in mind for the bowl?
Naifeh: “There are lots of different finish terms that occur in a project. But substantial completion will be about 20 days prior days to the official kickoff. Substantial completion really does mean you can use the facility. We’re looking at trying to get it done and ready to go by the first part of August. As in lots of projects, I’m sure we’re going to be moving in some furniture and some work in the club and the suites areas right up until game time.” 
What has been the fans’ response to seat purchases in the south end?
Naifeh: “We’re very, very pleased with where things are. We’re at stages with our suites and our loge boxes where we’re actually building up a wait list for those areas. We’ve got commitments by contract and folks now that are on a wait list should someone change their mind. I think it will be announced next week where we are with our club seats, but we’re very pleased with where we’ve progressed in regards to that. Obviously that’s a critical element with the funding of the project and we are clearly tracking that a bit ahead of where we anticipated we would be.” 
Is there concern over the tumbling price of oil?
Naifeh: “I think it’s a concern for everyone in the state. It’s a concern for funding generally across the state and across the university. The project we undertook was relatively conservative with that in mind. Our funding plan is conservative with those things in mind as well. The progress that has developed in the funding mechanisms themselves, we feel really good about where we are right now. We’re confident that the funding plan is falling in line.”
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