Blake Griffin's "Incident" Won't Affect His Chances Making Team USA

Could Oklahoma basketball great Blake Griffin be playing for Team USA at the Rio 2016 Games?

Griffin, a member of 2012 USA national basketball team, has been sidelined since December due to injuries.

In late December, the Clippers forward suffered a partially torn quadriceps tendon. A month later, on January 26th, he broke his right hand after punching a Los Angeles Clippers team employee at a Toronto restaurant.

The incident, however, didn't appear to dimish Griffin's chances to join Team USA for the Summer Games, said Jerry Colangelo, USA Basketball President, on Wednesday.

From SI.com:

“I don't think we have any issues with any of our players regarding personal conduct,” he [Jerry Colangelo] said. “People can have opinions of what one player did or didn't do. Many of them are still pretty young guys subject to making mistakes. We've all made mistakes. I don't judge people based on that. If they're people of good character and they can play, they've got a shot to represent us.”

The Clippers suspended Blake four games for his involvement in the incident and he's expected to rejoin the team in late March.

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