Joe Castiglione Disagrees with NCAA's Decision to Ban Satellite Camps

The NCAA has outlawed satellite camps, effective immediately, with a ruling on Friday by the Division I Council announcing it will require FBS programs to conduct all clinics at school facilities.

Oklahoma athletic director Joe Castiglione spoke out against the ruling saying the Sooners voted against regulating satellite camps, putting them among the Big 12’s minority vote.

Every Power 5 conference voted for the measure with the exception of Big Ten conference.

Oklahoma athletics director Joe Castiglione on the ban via Tulsa World.

“We were supportive of (the camps) because it was more of a service,” Castiglione said. “We were able to get to some camps. Some of the kids who couldn’t afford to travel could go to that camp. It’s hard to say how many student athletes we recruited came out of those camps, but it was a positive experience.”

“For Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Tulsa ... we know the population of our state is such where we have to recruit other places out of need to sign more than what the state has to offer,” Castiglione said. “As competitive as it is in our own state, going to Texas has been something we’ve done.”

“Like a lot of things in the NCAA, sometimes we have a situation going on where people are upset and they run out a creative rule without really thinking about all of its tenants, and without determining a more effective way of regulating it to some degree,” he said. “So it’s ‘ban it all.’ Maybe in the not too distant future, maybe the same group within our legislative process can examine a way where camps like this are permissible.

"I just hope that wiser minds will get a chance to come back together and figure out a way we can regulate an off-campus opportunity, and not let it evolve into something where one school is trying to one up the other just because of a recruiting ploy. The bottom line is common sense.”

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