Clay Travis Is Outraged! He Thinks Stoops, Castiglione and Boren Should Be Fired

Fox Sports pundit and Outkick the Coverage founder Clay Travis ripped into University of Oklahoma football coach Bob Stoops Monday morning.

Stoops has been taking lots of heat after allowing star running back Joe Mixon to remain on the team, despite the fact he jacked up a girl’s face with a brutal hit. The outspoken sports pundit absolutely went in on Stoops, and didn’t hold back.

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“They watched this video, and decided that Joe Mixon’s punishment should be that he’s going to have to redshirt. I’m sorry, but Bob Stoops, the athletic director and the school president all should be fired right now. If the University of Oklahoma had any decency what so ever, if there was a shred of self-respect in that university, if there was an ounce of decency at Oklahoma there is no way on Earth that Bob Stoops, the athletic director and the school president David Boren could watch that video and allow that man to continue to be on scholarship at their university. What do you tell that girl? That girl with four broken bones in her face,” Travis said in part on his hit radio show “Outkick the Coverage.” (Daily Caller)

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