April 30, 2005

(4/30) Oklahoma Sooner Football Articles

Saturday, April 30, 2005 Articles

TU's Killian ahead of ex-Sooner in race for roster spot in K.C.: The Oklahoman

White, Killian have up and down day: The Oklahoman

Chiefs work out Heisman winner: Kansas City Star

White the big name in college; Killian the one drafted: Kansas City Star

White: "I'm going to give it my best shot": OU Insider

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April 29, 2005

(4/29) Oregon Looks to host Sooners in 2006

Oregon Looks to Host Sooners in 2006: Oregon's football schedule for 2006 is likely to undergo major revisions with the NCAA's final approval Thursday of a 12th game for future seasons. With the addition of the 12th game, the Ducks seem set on hosting Oklahoma at Autzen Stadium in '06, though the exact date still needs to be finalized. "That has been committed to by Oklahoma," UO senior associate director of athletics Dave Heeke said. "We'll do whatever it takes to work out a date, even if means we move a game" currently scheduled. The visit to Eugene by the Sooners is a return for Oregon having played at Oklahoma in 2004. Currently slated for the 2008 season, the Sooners had agreed to play in Eugene in 2006 if the 12-game schedule was approved, which would allow Big 12 teams to play four nonleague games in a season. (Register Guard)

(4/29) Neb Coach Ruk/Neks may of been drunk

McClure thought Ruf/Neks may of been drunk: Nebraska assistant coach Angus McClure testified Friday that he was surprised to see members of an Oklahoma spirit group with shotguns near the Sooners' football field and thought they might have been drunk. McClure's testimony came in the fifth day of the trial of former Nebraska player Darren DeLone, who is accused of aggravated assault and battery on a member of that spirit group, the Ruf/Neks. The group has ceremonial shotguns without live ammunition and accompany a covered wagon on to the field. Nebraska offensive line coach Angus McClure and two players, Mike Erickson and Le Kevin Smith, testified Friday that the hit was an accident that occurred while DeLone and defensive end Wali Muhammad were tangled up in a full-speed blocking drill. McClure said he warned the Ruf/Neks they were too close to the action. (CNNSI)

(4/29) Blake Says Player was shoved, Switzer gets award and articles

Friday, April 29, 2005 Notes and Articles

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Former Coach Blake Says Player was shoved: Former Oklahoma coach John Blake testified in Darren DeLone’s assault trial Thursday, saying a Nebraska player was shoved into RUF/NEKS member Adam Merritt, contradicting testimony from a member of the OU band. “It was an accident. I have no doubt about it,” Blake said. “All of us right away knew it was an accident.” (NewsOK)

Switzer gets Award: Former Oklahoma football coach Barry Switzer was given the Abe Lemons/Paul Hansen Award from Oklahoma City University on Thursday night. The award was created in honor of the many contributions that both Abe Lemons and Paul Hansen made to further sports in Oklahoma. The award recognizes individuals who have significantly contributed to the growth of sports in the state. (NewsOK)

White gets Chiefs tryout: The Oklahoman

Chiefs will give White a look: Kansas City Star

April 28, 2005

(4/28) Former OU Coach Blake Testifies, White tryout with KC Chiefs and Articles

Thursday, April 28, 2005 Notes and Articles

Blake Testifies in Ruf/Nek Trial: Former Oklahoma head coach John Blake testified Thursday that one of his defensive linemen at Nebraska plowed into an Oklahoma spirit squad member and not an offensive lineman on trial for felony assault. Blake, who coached the Sooners from 1996 to 1998, testified that defensive end Wali Muhammad accidentally slammed into Adam Merritt, 19, during drills prior to the Cornhuskers' game at Oklahoma on Nov. 13, 2004. Former Nebraska offensive lineman Darren DeLone is on trial on one felony charge of aggravated assault and battery. He has pleaded not guilty. The charge carries a possible punishment of up to five years in prison. (ESPN)

White Invited to Kansas City Mini Camp: White has been invited to attend the Kansas City Chiefs three-day rookie minicamp that begins on Friday. But there remains this caveat: The Chiefs have not signed White to a contract and he will need an impressive performance to elicit a formal offer from a club that already has five quarterbacks on its depth chart. Under league rules, teams can bring in unsigned college players to their minicamps to audition and work with their other rookies. "It's a chance and, all along, that's all that I've really asked for," White said. "I'm excited about it and, hopefully, I can get some people (with the Chiefs) excited enough about me to want to keep me around a while." (ABC News)

Heisman winner says coaching is possible but not a certainty: The Oklahoman

April 27, 2005

(4/27) Sooner Football Articles

Wednesday, April 27, 2005 Notes and Articles

Wilson returns to program he helped save: The Oklahoman

Castiglione wants to let best two teams meet for title: Dallas Morning News

April 26, 2005

(4/26) RUF NEK Jury Selection Begins, Sooner Notes and Articles

Tuesday, April 26, 2005 Notes and Articles

RUF/NEK Jury Selection begins: Darren DeLone spent a long day inside the Cleveland County courthouse saying little but appearing confident as jury selection began Monday. With his mother, father and fiancĂ©e alongside, DeLone was in the courthouse from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. as the jury selection process took up the whole day and will continue today. The Nebraska offensive lineman faces a felony count of aggravated assault and battery against Adam Merritt, a member of the University of Oklahoma’s RUF/NEKS spirit squad. One reason for the lengthy selection process was due to extensive screening and questioning of potential jurors. That was by design. The trial has attracted national attention with speculation of whether a Nebraska football player can get a fair trial in Norman, home of the rival Sooners. (NewsOK)


Agent can't find free-agent deal for Sooners' Heisman-winning QB: The Oklahoman

White had his share of glory and no one can take that away: The Oklahoman

White's days aren't alone: Norman Transcript

NFL— Bad pass on White: Oklahoma Daily

April 25, 2005

(4/25) Former Heisman Winner White Not Drafted, Sooner Draft Stats, Notes and Articles

Monday, April 25, 2005 Notes and Articles

Former Heisman Winner White, Undrafted: A Heisman Trophy on Jason White's resume wasn't enough to get him drafted. Oklahoma had 11 players drafted, but the Sooners quarterback was not one of them. After having six players taken in the first three rounds, five more Sooners were selected Sunday in rounds four through seven, including cornerback Antonio Perkins, linebacker Lance Mitchell and safety Donte Nicholson. "I'm real happy for our players and very proud of them, too," Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops said. "I have a lot of confidence that they'll go on and do well in the NFL and I believe the players that were drafted will be joined by others who will sign as free agents. (ESPN)

Drafting in the First Round, 4 Consecutive: 2005 set a record as the fourth consecutive year OU has supplied at least one first-round pick to the NFL Draft. Oklahoma previously had a stretch of three consectuive drafts with a first-rounder from 1984-86. Jammal Brown and Mark Clayton joined Tommie Harris (2004), Andre Woolfolk (2003) and Roy Williams (2002) as first-round Sooners. The other three-year span with consecutive OU first-rounders was Rick Bryan and Jackie Shipp (1984), Steve Sewell (1985) and Tony Casillas (1986). (SoonerSports)

43 Consecutive Drafts: The University of Oklahoma has now had a player selected in the last 43 consecutive NFL Drafts. The last time a Sooner wasn't drafted in any round was in 1962. (SoonerSports)

Five former Sooners selected, giving OU 11 overall: The Oklahoman

Heisman winner White goes undrafted: The Oklahoman

Oklahoma most popular choice in Draft: SoonerSports.com

Quotes and Notes from NFL on drafted Sooners: SoonerSports.com

Four more Sooners drafted on Sunday: SoonerSports.com

April 24, 2005

(4/24) NFL Draft teams select 6 Sooners Day 1

Sunday, April 24, 2005 Articles

First day of NFL Draft 2005: 6 Former University of Oklahoma Players were selected in the first day of the NFL Draft.

Jammal Brown, 1st round, New Orleans Saints
Mark Clayton, 1st round, Baltimore Ravens
Brodney Poole, 2nd round, Cleveland Browns
Mark Bradley, 2nd round, Chicago Bears
Dan Cody, 2nd round, Baltimore Ravens
Brandon Jones, 3rd round, Tennessee Titians

Clayton's patience plays off; going to Baltimore: The Oklahoman

For Brown, it's not all about the money: The Oklahoman

Cody falls to Ravens in second round: The Oklahoman

Six Sooners chosen on draft's first day: Norman Transcript

It's first-round double for Oklahoma, Texas: Dallas Morning News

Nothing false about Brown's ability to start: New Orleans Times-Picayune

Ravens jump for joy as Oklahoma wide-out falls to them: Baltimore Sun

Angelo expects Bradley to shine later: Chicago Sun-Times

Pool honored to be a Brown for second time: Cleveland Plain Dealer

Brown first Sooner selected in 2005 Draft: SoonerSports.com

Baltimore picks Clayton in first round: SoonerSports.com

Jones hopes to answer call: The Tennessean

April 23, 2005

(4/23) Sooner Notes and Articles

Saturday, April 23, 2005 Notes and Articles

Most Oklahoma Sooner's Players Taken in Draft: 13 Sooner's were drafted in 12 rounds in the 1988 NFL Draft. The 1988 Draft included first-rounders Rickey Dixon (No. 5), Keith Jackson (No. 13), Dante Jones in the second round, Mark Hutson (3rd round), Greg Johnson (4th), Lydell Carr (4th), Darrell Reed (5th), Troy Johnson (5th), Jon Phillips (6th), Derrick White (6th), Derrick Crudup (7th), Ceaser Rentie (7th) and Patrick Collins (8th). (SoonersSports) More Draft Stats and Information

Cody's stock has slipped, and it's been humbling: The Oklahoman

Draft is calling for OU: Norman Transcript

April 22, 2005

(4/22) 14 Sooners Could Be Taken This Weekend, 8 Likely

Friday, April 22, 2005 Notes and Articles

14 Sooners Could be Taken, 8 Likely: We mention these records because 14 Sooners are considered viable candidates for this weekend's NFL Draft, an alarming number considering the event is now just seven rounds. Ohio State holds the seven-round draft record with 14 picks last year. The most OU players drafted in the first round is three, in 1970 and 1976. OU director of football operations Merv Johnson is a man of reason. This will be the 48th NFL Draft he’s lived through as a college assistant, dating back to his graduate days at Arkansas in 1958.His team’s draft hype has exceeded expectations before, and this weekend figures to be no different. “I don’t think we’ll get into double-digits,” Johnson said. “Maybe I’m a pessimist, I don’t know.” Johnson spoke in a whisper so not to offend, but consider it a warning shot. If the draft were still 12 rounds, Johnson said 14 Sooners might be selected. But with only seven rounds, a more reasonable estimate would be closer to eight. And that should be good news for the half-dozen OU players thought to be on the draft bubble. Because as closing rounds approach, it’s better not to hear your name called. (NewsOK)

NFL Draft includes 14 former Sooners, including four potential first-rounders: Oklahoma Daily

Oklahoma NFL Draft Central: SoonerSports.com

April 21, 2005

(4/21) Sooner Football Articles

Thursday, April 21, 2005 Articles

Cody Says Depression is Past: Tampa Bay Tribune

OU’s career receiving leader may find that size matters in the NFL Draft: NewsOK

Stewart's fans celebrate a life lived: NewsOK

April 19, 2005

(4/19) Sooner Football Articles

Tuesday, April 19, 2005 Articles

Beig a first-round NFL pick would be profitable for Sooners: The Oklahoman

Bomar in three-man battle for starting QB job: Ft. Worth Star-Telegram

April 18, 2005

Oklahoma Grading Background Checks, Dvoracek to miss 3 games?

Monday, April 18, 2005 Articles

Oklahoma Grading Their Athletes Background: Professional teams are not alone in doing criminal background checks on prospects. High schoolers who want to play for the University of Oklahoma are being investigated as well. Last fall, Oklahoma athletic director Joe Castiglione began requiring all prospective student-athletes to pass a background check prior to the university sending the letters of intent that offer scholarships. This year's incoming football class was the first group screened by the university, which uses a similar check on potential university employees. No athlete has been found to have a felony conviction. Castiglione said no specific incident at Oklahoma or elsewhere triggered the move, but cited problems at other universities as one reason for implementing a more comprehensive search process. (NY Newsday)

Dvoracek to miss 3 games? Oklahoma senior defensive lineman Dusty Dvoracek tore his left bicep in the spring game and had successful surgery to repair the injury Sunday morning, said head athletic trainer Scott Anderson. "There were no surprises," Anderson said. "The doctor found nothing unexpected." Dvoracek, a projected starter, will be out four to five months, OU coach Bob Stoops said. That means Dvoracek may miss the first three games of the season, including what should be the Sooners' toughest nonconference game at UCLA Sept. 17. There is a chance the rehabilitation could progress in such a fashion that Dvoracek wouldn't miss any games. (NewsOK)

Sooner QBs move to the next phase: The Oklahoman

Where will Jason White go?: The Oklahoman

White chimes in with fellow OU Heisman winners: The Oklahoman

Dvoracek out for the moment: Norman Transcript

Red, White and Blues: Oklahoma Daily

OU's Dvoracek out with torn bicep: Dallas Morning News

April 17, 2005

Record Red-White Crowd, Dvoracek injured, QB Not to be Named till Aug?

Sunday, April 17, 2005 Articles

Record Red-White Crowd: Paul Thompson fired a nine-yard touchdown pass to Travis Wilson and Darrien Williams returned an interception 35 yards for a touchdown to rally the Red for a 14-10 victory in Oklahoma’s annual Red/White Spring Football Game. A record spring game crowd of 41,400 witnessed the action. “Defensively, they’re at an advantage,” said OU head coach Bob Stoops. Wednesday our offense moved the ball up and down the field, but that happens. We get to see our offense every single day. They’re used to seeing our plays. And we didn’t do everything. That’s the other part that’s hard to judge.” (SoonerSports)

Dvoracek injured: Bob Stoops said he was pleased the Sooners did not suffer any major injuries. Senior defensive lineman Dusty Dvoracek appeared to suffer an arm injury late in the scrimmage, but it didn’t appear to be serious. (NewsOK)

Special Teams Making a Impact: Much like the game, there was good and bad with the special teams. Lendy Holmes’ 103-yard kickoff return was the highlight of the day. Travis Wilson added a 40-yard-plus return. Kicker Garrett Hartley, who tackled Wilson, also nailed a 42-yard field goal and was solid in all the kickoffs. Then there was punter Cody Freeby. The sophomore, who has had no competition this spring, has struggled. It started Wednesday, when he failed to hit anything solid. That was the same way Freeby started Saturday’s scrimmage. He finally hit a few late in the second quarter. Special teams coordinataor Kevin Sumlin said Freeby’s inability might stem from a back injury. (NewsOK)

White's Friend, Stewart, Dies: Jason White had a simple explanation for how Brian Stewart lived his life. “He fought for a long time,” White said. “When people gave him weeks, he turned it into years.” Stewart, the self-proclaimed No. 1 fan of Oklahoma’s 2003 Heisman Trophy winner, died Saturday at his Tuttle home. He was 29. Stewart, who befriended White as a volunteer coach at Tuttle while White attended school there, was diagnosed at the age of 15 with a brain tumor. During White’s Heisman season, he spoke of how inspirational Stewart was to him. Stewart said the same about White. “He’s definitely left an impression on my life,” White said. “His attitude on life, you never knew anything was wrong. He turned everything negative into a positive.” Services for Stewart will take place at 1:30 p.m. Tuesday in the Tuttle High School gym, under the direction of Ferguson Funeral Home of Chickasha. (NewsOK)

No QB to be named Starter till late August? Saturday's Red-White game did little to separate any of the three Oklahoma quarterbacks vying to succeed Jason White. "But then I didn't expect it to," said offensive coordinator Chuck Long, adding that it's likely no decision on the starter would be made until 10 days before the Sept. 3 opener against TCU. Paul Thompson, Tommy Grady and Rhett Bomar each had their moments during the controlled offense vs. defense scheme that was dominated by the defense before an estimated crowd of 41,500. Thompson and Bomar each threw two interceptions. Thompson moved the offense to its only touchdown on a 55-yard drive that ended with a 9-yard pass to Travis Wilson. The TD was set up by his 38-yard toss to redshirt freshman Quentin Chaney.(Star-Telegram)

It was an average day for QB candidates, Stoops says: The Oklahoman

It wasn't pretty, but it's no reason to fret: The Oklahoman

Dampeer watches spring outing from the stands: The Oklahoman

Gutierrez a first-teamer to elementary kids: The Oklahoman

Defensive stand: Norman Transcript

Uncertainty the only certainty: Norman Transcript

Sooners' QB question still up in air: Dallas Morning News

April 16, 2005

Red-White Scrimmage Stats

Red-White Spring Scrimmagestats

Lendy Holmes 100 kickoff return (Hartley kick).
Garrett Hartley 42 field goal.
Darrien Williams 35 interception return (Hartley kick).
Travis Wilson 9 pass from Paul Thompson (Hartley kick).

Hickson 6-21, Jones 11-19, Gutierrez 6-13, Bomar 5-(-4), Thompson 3-(-8), Grady 6-(-18).

Thompson 13-24-2-131, 1 TD; Grady 5-15-2-33; Bomar 9-19-2-72.

Wilson 5-32, Ross 4-42, Chaney 3-56, Moses 3-42, Holmes 3-23, Finley 2-14, Robinson 2-8, Gutierrez 2-(-5), Rankins 1-10, Runnels 1-9, Roberts 1-5.

Alexander 8 tackles, 3 for loss, 1 forced fumble, 1 fumble recovery; Onyenegecha 8 tackles, 1 for loss, 1 PBU; Bassey 7 tackles, 1 for loss; Latimer 6 tackles, 1 INT (no return); Bennett 6 tackles; Ingram 6 tackles, 1 sack, 1 PBU; McGrath 4 tackles, 1 INT (20 yards); Wolfe 4 tackles; Jordan 4 tackles; Birdine 3 tackles; D. Williams 3 tackles, 1 INT (35-yard TD); Baker 3 tackles; Dotson 3 tackles, 2 sacks; J. Williams 3 tackles, 2 sacks; I. Pleasant 2 tackles; Cade 2 tackles, 1 INT (no return); Davis 2 tackles, FR; Carter 2 tackles; Luna 2 tackles; D. Pleasant 2 tackles, 1 sack, 1 PBU; Ayodele 2 tackles, 1 sack; Dvoracek 2 tackles, 1 for loss, 1 sack; Coleman 2 tackles, 1 sackAh You 2 tackles, 2 sacks; Hardison 1 tackle, 2 PBU; Bowers 1 tackle; Poteat 1 tackle, 1 PBUHarris 1 tackle; Hartley 1 tackle; K. Peterson 1 tackle; Thibodeaux 1 tackle; Pendleton 1 tackle, 1 sack; Nixon FR.

Field Goals
Hartley 1-1, 42 yd.

April 15, 2005

Oklahoma Draw Big Crowds, Scrimmage Broadcast Info and April 15th Notes and Articles

Oklahoma Scrimmages Draw Big Crowds: Not so long ago, spring football games were no big deal. Gary Gibbs' first spring game as OU's coach drew 4,000 fans. John Blake's first drew 5,500. Even Bob Stoops' debut, in 1999, enticed just 11,350. That was the 20th century. In the 21st century, spring football has exploded. The Sooners drew 31,000 for the Red-White Game last season and 40,500 in 2003. And those numbers don't compare to Nebraska and Florida, where coaching changes have sparked massive crowds. OU spring games always have varied greatly in interest. Barry Switzer's first spring game as coach, 1973, drew 22,000. But in 1985, when Switzer had a national-title contender on his hands, only 3,717 showed up. (NewsOK)

Saturday's Scrimmage Broadcast Information
Oklahoma's Spring Game will be carried live on TV and radio across the state. Fans in the Oklahoma City metro area can watch the game on KWTV - Channel 9 while fans in the Tulsa area will see the game on KOTV - Channel 6. The game will also be televised live in Woodward on KOMI - Channel 24 and in Lawton on KSWO - Channel 5. Metro Sports will air the game live in Kansas City, Mo.

Chuck Cooperstein will have play-by-play assisted by Dean Blevins. John Holcomb and Toby Rowland will supply reports from the sidelines. The Sooner Sports Radio Network will air the game live on radio in the Oklahoma City and Norman metro on KOKC - 1520 AM. KFAQ - 1170 AM will have the broadcast in the Tulsa area while KXCA - 1380 will carry the game in Lawton. Fans can also listen to the broadcast on KGFF - 1450 AM in Shawnee and KNED - 1150 AM in McAlester. The radio broadcast will be available online world-wide via Yahoo. Bob Barry Sr. will call the game with Merv Johnson adding color. Brian Brinkley will give sideline reports. The Spring Game will be webcast live to Sooner fans around the world on the O-Zone at SoonerSports.com. If you're not yet a member, those who sign up for an annual subscription between now and April 16 will receive an official spring game program and the 2005 OU football schedule magnet. (More at SoonerSports.com)

Waiting is the best thing in picking new QB: NewsOK

Sooners share thoughts on NFL Draft: SoonerSports.com

April 15 Notes and Articles

Saturday, April 15, 2005 Articles

OU edging closer to finishing QB puzzle: The Oklahoman

Where are they now? OU's Bob Harrison: The Oklahoman

Red/White very important to quarterbacks: Norman Transcript

Sooners could set records on draft day: OU Insider

OU set to host fans for Saturday: SoonerSports.com

April 14, 2005

Dvoracek Contributing, Stoops Quotes.. April 14th Notes and Articles

Dvoracek under Gag Order, but Contributing to Sooner's: When it comes to Oklahoma defensive tackle Dusty Dvoracek, actions are all anybody has to go by. That's because there are no words coming from his mouth. The senior, who was reinstated in the winter after being kicked off the team in September for off-the-field behavior, is under a gag order imposed by Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops. But while Dvoracek can't talk to the media, he can't keep his mouth shut on the field. "He's always out there saying something," defensive tackle Remi Ayodele said. "He's loud on the field, and that brings us a lot of energy." According to those around him, what Dvoracek brought back to football was a resolve. "Dusty probably relishes the opportunity to be back out there with his teammates and be able to put the pads on," defensive coordinator Brent Venables said. (NewsOK)

Quick Quotes From Coach Stoops: On the quarterback rotation for Saturday...
"They're all going to play about the same (number of reps). I don't pay attention to who goes first or whatever. They're all going to play about the same like we've done every scrimmage"

On the cornerbacks...

"Nobody's locked anything down yet."

On the three-man defensive line...
"We've done that every year. We've always had that in the long-yardage package. Three down linemen and four backers."

On J.D. Runnels and getting him more involved...
We're doing all we can to not get him banged up -- to get him out of there as quickly as possible. He's an excellent player. Even a year ago, we were getting the ball out of the backfield in more situations. I imagine as we get into next year, we'll do that as well. He's a sure-handed guy that runs well with the ball. He definitely needs to be utilized. People should have to deal with him."

On Rhett Bomar...
"He's competed real well. He's made excellent progress. He's an excellent competitor and a conscientious guy. He's showing that on the field." (More at SoonerSports)

Tillman still something quite special: The Oklahoman's Barry Tramel

Juggling act at receiver: Norman Transcript

Oklahoma NFL draft prospects: SoonerSports.com

April 13, 2005

Stoops In Favor of 12 Game Season

Stoops in Favor of 12 game regular season: Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops said Tuesday he would favor a 12-game regular season "if they get rid of the championship game." The risk-reward factor of the Big 12 championship game has been more of a risk than a reward in the conference's nine-year history. Four highly ranked teams have suffered upset losses in the Big 12 title game -- third-ranked Nebraska in 1996, No. 1 Kansas State in 1998, third-ranked Texas in 2001 and No. 1 OU in 2003. The Sooners have advanced to the last two national title games and would have done so even had there not been a Big 12 championship game. "Sometimes having the (Big 12) championship game just doesn't make sense, and I think people see that," Stoops said. (NewsOK)

How to rate the quarterback battle at the Red-White game: The Oklahoman's Barry Tramel

Heart of the defense: Oklahoma Daily

April 12, 2005

April 12th Oklahoma Sooner Articles and Notes

OU Football Fan Fest: Sooner Fan Fest, an interactive fan entertainment area located on the north side of Gaylord Family -- Oklahoma Memorial Stadium, will be held for Sooner fans before Saturday's Spring Game. Fan Fest, presented by Sooner Sports Properties and the OU Athletics Department, will open at 11 a.m. and close at approximately 12:45 p.m. Sooner fans of all ages can access Fan Fest and take part in the festivities. Highlights include: Four inflatable interactive games for children (Moonbounce, 40' Obstacle Course, 18' Slide and Bungee Run) U.S. Cellular Autograph Tent -- 2004 OU Football Seniors will sign autographs from 11:15 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. Participants are TBA. Only one item allowed per person. ... The Spring Game will be Web cast live to Sooner fans around the world on the O-Zone at SoonerSports.com. If you're not yet a member, those who sign up for an annual subscription between now and Saturday will receive an official spring game program and the 2005 OU football schedule magnet. (NEWSOK)

Sooners' offensive line is striving for unity: NewsOK

OU football notebook: NewsOK

Ingram making an impression: The Oklahoman

Sooners finish final Monday practice: SoonerSports.com

April 10, 2005

Final Stretch of Practice, A. Peterson No Show, April 10 Notes and Articles

Oklahoma Sooner's 4/10 Notes and Articles

Final Stretch of Practice: The Sooners start their final week of the spring Monday. One of the offensive keys will be simulating more live game action. That started with the use of the play clock and less on-the-field coaching Saturday. "We had a quick tempo, as much as we could, in and out of the huddle," Stoops said. "We will stress next week in some of the practices more signaling and getting more people off the field." (NewsOK)

A. Peterson No Show for Scrimmage: Adrian Peterson made nary an appearance on the Owen Field turf Saturday afternoon. We can only suppose he was off doing curls or lifts or whatever you do to rehabilitate a surgically repaired shoulder. Absent from Oklahoma's second spring scrimmage, the running back played instead on thoughts. He would have broken this run. He would have eluded that tackle. The Sooner offense is showing promise this spring even with its inexperienced quarterbacks, rebuilt offensive line and young wide receivers. Without Peterson, though, the unit is but an imitation of the real thing. (NewsOK)

Wroking Quick Passing Game for Thompson: Quarterback Paul Thompson was unable to throw downfield as much as Rhett Bomar and Grady. The junior said the fact he had to throw underneath most of the afternoon didn't bother him. He was working in the quick passing game. "With that, your reads are going to be really quick," Thompson said. "You don't have a lot of time to sit back there and go through a bunch of reads." (NewsOK)

Bomar makes his move: The Oklahoman

Bomar makes it interesting: Norman Transcript

Grady Displays His Confidence : Tulsa World

April 9, 2005

Second Scrimmage Complete; Stats, Notes and Articles

Sooner's Complete Second Scrimmage

Work on Both Sides: The inevitability of any intrasquad scrimmage is encouragement and heartache for the offense and defense. Such was the case Saturday when both sides came up with big plays in Oklahoma’s second major scrimmage of the spring. The Sooner offense had a pair of lengthy scoring drives then added three more scores in red zone drills, while the defense picked off four passes and was credited with 10 sacks. Redshirt freshman quarterback Rhett Bomar directed both of the scoring drives during the regular portion of the scrimmage. The first score came on a four-yard run by Kejuan Jones to cap an eight-play, 75-yard drive. Bomar hit Travis Wilson on a 66-yard touchdown pass to cap the other scoring march. It covered 75 yards in five plays. Bomar finished the day completing 9-of-16 psses for 153 yards. He was intercepted once. Paul Thompson connected on 14-of-19 for 123 yards with one touchdown and one interception, while Tommy Grady was 7-of-13 for 63 yards with one touchdown and a pair of interceptions. (SoonerSports)

April 16th Scrimmage Info: The Sooners will conclude spring practice with the annual Spring Game on Saturday, April 16, at 1 p.m. at Gaylord Family - Oklahoma Memorial Stadium. Tickets are $10 at the gate or $5 in advance from the OU Athletics Ticket Office. OU students will be admitted free with vaild student ID. The Spring Game will be webcast live to Sooner fans around the world on the O-Zone at SoonerSports.com. If you're not yet a member, those who sign up for an annual subscription between now and April 16 will receive an official spring game program and the 2005 OU football schedule magnet. Game will be televised statewide on KWTV Oklahoma City, KOTV Tulsa and KOMI Woodward More Information at SoonerSports.com

Coaching changes: With the addition and subtraction of coaches at Oklahoma, new titles have also been passed around. Cale Gundy has added the title of recruiting coordinator. Gundy is also the running backs coach. Kevin Sumlin, the tight ends coach, is also now the special teams coordinator. Those moves were made when Bobby Jack Wright moved from the defensive ends position to the secondary position. Wright's titles include, assistant head coach, co-defensive coordinator and defensive backs coach. (NewsOK)

Bassey, OU secondary taking a slow approach to fixing coverage issues - (NewsOK.com)
Expect Reid, Bomar to be starters: The Oklahoman

Today's scrimmage will be a lot like first: Norman Transcript

April 9th Scrimmage Stats

Kejuan Jones 1-yard run (8 plays, 75 yards)
Travis Wilson 66-yard pass from Rhett Bomar (5 plays, 75 yards)
Travis Wilson 9-yard pass from Rhett Bomar (3 plays, 20 yards)
Fred Strong 7-yard pass from Paul Thompson (3 plays, 15 yards)
Jejuan Rankins 10-yard pass from Tommy Grady (3 plays, 15 yards)

Bomar: 9-16-153, 2 TD, 1 INT
Thompson: 14-19-123, 1 TD, 1 INT
Grady: 7-13-63, 1 TD, 2 INT

Jones 9-70, 1 TD
Gutierrez 12-25
Hickson 11-21
Strong 1-6
Wilson 1-(-4)

Wilson: 5-110, 2 TDs (56 and 9)
Moses: 4-47
Strong: 4-41, TD (7)
Roberts: 3-31
Rankins: 3-15, TD (10)
Jones: 2-44
Ross: 2-20
Chaney: 1-7
Dennison: 1-7
Gutierrez: 1-6
Finley: 1-5
Robinson: 1-4
Runnels: 1-2
Hickson: 1-0

Alexander : 12 tackles, 1 INT (10 yards)
McGrath: 10 tackles
Latimer: 8 tackles
Pleasant: 8 tackles
Carter: 7 tackles, 1 INT (50+ yards)
Onyenegecha: 7 tackles
Ingram: 5 tackles, 1 INT (14 yards), 2 PBU
Baker: 5 tackles
Wolfe: 5 tackles, 1 sack
Coleman: 5 tackles, 2 sacks, 1 PBU
Jordan: 4 tackles
Pendleton: 4 tackles, 1 sack
Thibodeaux: 3 tackles
Bowers: 3 tackles
Bassey: 3 tackles
Poteat: 2 tackles
Hardison: 2 tackles
Dotson: 2 tackles
Bennett: 2 tackles
Dvoracek: 2 tackles, 2 sacks
Nixon: 2 tackles, 2 sacks
Birdine: 2 tackles, 1 sack
D. Williams: 1 tackle, 1 INT (30+ yards), 1 PBU
Luna: 1 tackle
Davis: 1 tackle
J. Williams, 1 tackle
Ah You: 1 tackle, 1 sack
Ayodele: 1 tackle, 1 sack

April 8, 2005

Second Sooner Scrimmage Tomorrow

April 8th Oklahoma Sooner Notes and Articles
Oklahoma Sooner Scrimmage Tomorrow: The Oklahoma football team will conduct the second scrimmage of spring practice beginning at 1 p.m.on Saturday, April 9. The scrimmage is slated for Gaylord Family - Oklahoma Memorial Stadium and is open to the public. Admission is free. Gates Open 11:30 a.m. Gates 1 and 12 (southernmost stadium gates) will open one and a half hours prior to the scrimmage at 11:30 a.m. If the scrimmage time is altered, the same gates will open one and a half hours prior to the new time. Security will be at each gate, on the field and in the locker room area. If necessary, fans will be subject to bag checks at both gates. (

Stacked at running back: Oklahoma Daily

April 7, 2005

April 7th Sooner Football Notes and Articles

April 7th Oklahoma Sooner Notes and Articles
Sooner Practice through rain: The Oklahoma football team braved sharply cooler temperatures and wet conditions in Norman for its ninth session of spring practice on Wednesday. The Sooners worked for two hours outside on the Bud Wilkinson Practice Fields and at Gaylord Family - Oklahoma Memorial Stadium. "I don't like to go live with scrimmages on anything that's artificial if at all possible," explained head coach Bob Stoops. "The conditions were OK out here -- the rye grass (on Owen Field) is a little slippery when it's wet but we managed." (SoonerSports)

Cell phones, cameras out at OU practices as concern over spying increases: Daily Oklahoman
Thibodeaux glad to be back: Norman Transcript

April 5, 2005

April 5th Notes and Articles

April 5th Oklahoma Sooner Notes and Articles
Oklahoma Midpoint Practice Schedule: Oklahoma took the field for the eighth session of the spring on a breezy Monday afternoon in Norman. The Sooners worked at the Bud Wilkinson Practice Facility before returning to Owen Field for drills just two days after the team's first scrimmage inside the stadium. Oklahoma will practice again on Wednesday and Friday before holding its second scrimmage of the spring on Saturday at 1 p.m. The Sooners wrap up spring practice with the annual Red/White Game on Saturday, April 16, at 1 p.m. at Gaylord Family - Oklahoma Memorial Stadium. (SoonerSports)

Switch to defense fits OU's Wolfe just fine: The Oklahoman

OU Football Notepad: Norman Transcript

Wolfe makes his move at cornerback: SoonerSports.com

April 4, 2005

April 3, 2005

Spring Scrimmage and Weekend Wrap April 2/3

April 2, 2005

Sooner QBs: The Sooners did not go through an extended practice with the quarterbacks Friday since players were just in shoulder pads and helmets. Paul Thompson continued to make some solid throws. Offensive coordinator Chuck Long said Thompson’s consistency is not a surprise. (The Oklahoman)

Spring Scrimmage Stats:
Quentin Chaney: 15-yard pass from Bomar
Gutierrez: 1-yard run
Roberts: 29-yard pass from Grady
Jones: 15-yard run
Hickson: 14-50
Gutierrez: 10-30, 1 TD
Jones: 8-15
Snell: 2-(-1)
Grady: 9-14-88 1 TD (29), 1 INT
Bomar: 10-16-84 1 TD (15)
Thompson: 7-17-40
Rankins: 5-45
Roberts: 3-46, TD (29)
Holmes: 3-21
Chaney: 2-23, TD (15)
Ross: 2-15
Strong: 2-15
Moses: 2-14
Jones: 2-2
Robinson: 1-12
Finley: 1-10
Runnels: 1-5
Gutierrez: 1-3
Zaslaw: 1-1
Latimer - 9 tackles, 1 PBU
Alexander - 7 tackles
Pleasant - 7 tackles, 1 sack
Baker - 6 tackles, 1 INT (10 yards)
Dvoracek - 6 tackles, 4 sacks
Ingram - 6 tackles, 1 sack, 1 PBU
Onyenegecha - 6 tackles
D. Pleasant - 6 tackles
Ayodele - 4 tackles, 1 sack
Cade - 4 tackles
Wolfe - 4 tackles
Birdine - 3 tackles
Ah You - 2 tackles
Carter - 2 tackles
Coleman - 2 tackles
McGrath - 2 tackles
Williams - 2 tackles
Bennett - 1 tackle
Luna - 1 tackle
Poteat - 1 tackle
Williams - 1 tackle
Dotson - 1 PBU
Pendleton - 1 PBU

Chaney tries to grab starting spot: The Oklahoman

Big day for Sooner quarterbacks: Norman Transcript

Sooners eye first scrimmage: SoonerSports.com

Three QBs still jockeying for position: ESPN.COM

April 3, 2005 Oklahoma Sooner Articles

OU's quarterback race continues to be tight: The Oklahoman

Frosh center keeps OU quarterbacks jumping: The Oklahoman

Fresh start: Norman Transcript

Defense solid in Saturday's scrimmage: SoonerSports.com

OU's Bomar Just Happy To Be Playing: Tulsa World

Sooner QB Job Still There For The Taking: Tulsa World

Spring Practice Report: Tulsa World

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