Trent Williams Placed On NFI Has Significant Financial Ramifications

Mark Tenally, AP
NFL All-Pro Trent Williams has been placed on the NFI list, Washington Redskins announced on Thursday.

The team placing Williams on the non-football injury list subsequently shuts him down this season, a week after ending his holdout. It has significant financial ramifications for Williams, the team asserts the injury occurred away from the football field, thus voiding his remaining eligible base salary worth nearly $6M, per Sportstrac.

The team plans to trade Williams in the offseason, ESPN's John Keim reported on Thursday. He was reportedly shopped ahead of the league's trade deadline, however, many teams were unsure of his medical status after concerns expressed about team doctors by Williams.

The NFL Players Association had no comment on Williams' placement on NFI, nbcsports.com reports.

Last week, Williams, 31-years-old, revealed he had a cancerous tumor removed from his skull, saying he “was told scary things,” by team doctors.

Williams missed OTAs, training camp and holding out much of the season, costing him over $7M in fines, incentives, and salary, according to Keim.

Considered one of the league's top tackles, Williams will enter 2020 in his final year of a five-year contract with Washington that’s worth over $12.5M in non-guarantee money. The deal dwarfs top-earning tackle Trenton Brown, Oakland Raiders, worth $16.5M, per year.

The NFLPA said a statement, via ESPN, that Williams was a victim of a ‘misinformation' campaign by the league-owned television network.

NFLPA asked to have a review of medical records.

However, Williams declined asking them to not assist in a joint medical review by the team saying he’d like to "move on," Washington Post reported.

"In our multiple conversations with Trent and his agent, we have considered various options based on the facts, but we also understand that Trent wants to put this all behind him, not relive a painful experience when his life was in danger and move on with his career," NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith said.

Williams will be an unrestricted free agent in 2021.
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