Kyler Murray ahead of Mayfield, Bradford in NFL Draft rankings

Kyler Murray was the highest-ranked of three former Oklahoma players taken first overall in the last decade.

Murray, taken first in 2019 by Arizona Cardinals, was ranked the fourth top overall draft pick by NFL.com's Ali Bhanpuri, No. 1 overall draft picks of the 2010s ranked, based on weighed career production, career achievements.

Ralph Freso/Getty Images
Sam Bradford, the first-overall selection of the decade taken by St Louis Rams, was ranked 10th.

Bhanpuri notes:
He finished his nine-year career with 103 touchdown passes (tied with Blake Bortles for 24th since 2010) and without a single winning record in any given season (sorry, Bradford Stans, I'm not counting his 2-0 start to the 2017 campaign).

Baker Mayfield, taken first-overall in 2018 by Cleveland Browns, was ranked seventh.

Bhanpuri adds:
So while I ripped Baker a few times in our weekly QB Index, just know that I was only trying to be like Mike. It was tough love -- a well-meaning push to help the Heisman Trophy winner reach his true potential. I still believe Mayfield has the arm, accuracy, athleticism and relentless confidence to be a winning QB for the Browns.
As for Murray, Bhanpuri writes:
Murray's uneven Year 1, while littered with growing-pain performances, mostly left me mesmerized by his ability to process information, execute throws and innovate under duress. He already has as many turnover-free starts as Baker Mayfield (8) and as many full seasons with a passer rating of 87 or better as Sam Bradford. 

Cam Newton taken by Carolina Panthers in 2011 was ranked the first top overall draft pick followed by Andrew Luck in 2012.
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