Kyler Murray: I plan to stand for what's right

Arizona quarterback Kyler Murray ‘plans to stand for what’s right' in kneeling.

Murray recently joined the dialogue over social injustice, he’s hopeful we will see change “I do feel like we’ll see change,” twenty-two-year-old Murray said in a conference call, via the Arizona Republic.

“I hope so, first of all,” Murray said. “My generation, we’re so diverse. . . . My parents’ generation grew up in segregated times, and now it’s all coming together. I feel like it’s tough, but I do feel like we’ll see change.

Lachlan Cunningham / Getty Images

“There is a lot of hate in this world, but at the same time, what’s happening and what we’re seeing right now, it’s huge. I don’t condone rioting and stuff like that, but the peaceful protests I think they’re great. They’re amazing. I think that’s just the start of it. . . . Whether it takes years, I feel like we’re getting there. At least we’re making a step toward it.”

Murray said he will join other plans around the league, including Baker Mayfield and Adrian Peterson, in kneeling during the National Anthem.

“I’ll be kneeling. I stand for what’s right. … I’ll definitely be taking a knee.”

Murray, Cardinals are scheduled to open training camp late July.

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