(7/28) Single Game Tickets available including Bedlam, Big 12 Preview and more

Oklahoma Sooner's Notes and Articles

Single Game Tickets Available: Oklahoma released single game tickets for six OU home football games, including those against Oklahoma State and Tulsa. The number of tickets is limited and will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis starting Aug. 1. Internet and telephone sales begin at 8 a.m., and sales at the OU ticket office start at 10. Fans are limited to ten tickets per purchase. Tickets are available for games against Oklahoma State, Tulsa, TCU, Baylor, Kansas State and Texas A&M. The Tulsa and TCU tickets are $52 each. The others are $72 apiece with a $10 processing fee. Fans can purchase tickets at SoonerSports.com or by calling (800) 456-4668 or (405) 325- 2424. The ticket office at the Asp Avenue parking facility.

Oklahoma Quarterback Competition, at Ford Center Saturday Night: Yard Dawgz quarterback Craig Strickland might be peeking out the locker room door at halftime of Saturday's arenafootball2 game against Tulsa at the Ford Center. The halftime show will be an intriguing one, featuring Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy going against brother and Oklahoma assistant Cale Gundy in a quarterback challenge. OU offensive coordinator Chuck Long and Ron Lopez, who quarterbacked the now-defunct Oklahoma City Wranglers, will also compete. (NewsOK)

Switzer doesn't want part of new poll:Switzer went to Georgia last week to meet with representatives of the Master Coaches Survey and didn't like what he heard. "We've had this talked about before," Switzer said. "It's a good concept, but I didn't hear what I wanted to hear and I'm not going to be a part of it. "Half the coaches are divided. Some guys just want to do it, regardless if it's a terrible contract. And it was a terrible contract." (NewsOK)

SportsCentral Oklahoma Preview Predicts 2 loses, behind Texas: This just might be the season that the Sooner Schooner gets some much-needed repairs. After dominating the conference for much of the new millennium, the Sooners will not have nearly as much talent as they are used to. However, Bob Stoops still has an excellent stockpile of players that can compete with the nation's best on any given day.

The question on Oklahoma fans' mind is who will be Jason White's successor? There are credible arguments for both Rhett Bomar and Paul Thompson. Thompson has some slight game experience and has the nod as far as experience, but I think Bomar will end up being the starter. Bomar, once the quarterback of the scout team, has amazed Coach Stoops' staff with great mobility and excellent accuracy. The redshirt freshman has all of the skills to succeed, and if he's practiced handing the ball off to Adrian Peterson, he'll be just fine.

Adrian Peterson is one of the top three running backs in the country. He possesses an uncommon mix of explosiveness and patience. He knows exactly what hole to hit, and pity be upon that unfortunate linebacker that's on the other side, because Peterson introduces himself with his helmet. Peterson excelled last year by rushing for almost 2,000 yards, and will probably break that amount this year. He will be asked to shoulder much more of the offensive load due to the departure of Jason White. His durability will be pushed to the maximum, and his performance in November will have a great impact on the Sooners' future. (Complete Big 12 Preview available at SportsCentral)

OU-Texas Game No. 72: The Oklahoman

Quarterback politics -- OU, OSU preparing for heated campaign: The Oklahoman


(7/25) Oklahoma Recruit Q&A and Articles

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Recruiting Q&A with Demarco Murray: Bishop Gorman's Demarco Murray might be the top running back in the nation. At 6-foot, 183 pounds and with 4.49 speed, Murray is rated 18th on the Rivals 100 list. He is rivals.com's No.1 all-purpose running back. Murray's exceptional lateral quickness, balance and quick feet have earned him offers from Oklahoma, Florida State, Florida, USC, Michigan, LSU and Miami. (Q&A at NewsOK.com)

OU-Texas game No. 75: The Oklahoman

Forecasts don't worry Oklahoma: St. Louis Times Dispatch


(7/24) Stoops Family success not only on the field, but off.

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More Success then Bob, in the Stoops Family: Carol Stoops was working at home recently when one of her three children, Drake, started wandering too close to her office. Drake's twin brother, Isaac, told Drake he should stop because "Mommy is working to bring home a national championship." That wasn't quite the case, but Carol was working toward a national honor. Thursday in Dallas, she was named an independent national director of Mary Kay Inc., a cosmetics company. But when your father is Bob Stoops, head coach of the Oklahoma football program, and you've heard national championship talk in three of the last five years, the child's mistake is understandable. "It means a lot," says Carol Stoops, one of fewer than 400 women worldwide to earn that title. "But it's more the journey getting here. It's not just the moment." Her journey began as a math teacher, but she started doing sales for Mary Kay in 1991. At first it was part time, and she was talked into it by a friend. Two years later, she was an independent sales director. Even more important, she can work from home and take care of their three kids — the oldest, daughter Mackie, is 9 and the twins are 6 — all while raking in $1.1 million in sales. Her travel will be minimal, which is a plus because she can be flexible to travel with her husband for games and bowls. (More at USA Today)

Wilson hopes to have last laugh: The Oklahoman

OU-Texas game No. 76: The Oklahoman

Big 12 Q&A: Norman Transcript

Stoops and Co. looking to reload for another BCS title shot: Ft. Worth Star-Telegram


(7/23) Oklahoma Aug. Scrimmage/Practice Schedule and Articles

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Oklahoma Sooner Football August Practice/Scrimmage Schedule

OU Practice Coverage

Aug. 3 Team Reports
Aug. 4 Practice (5:30 p.m.)
Aug. 5 Meet the Sooners Day (10:30-noon); Practice (5:30 p.m.)
Aug. 6 Practice (5:30 p.m.)
Aug. 7 Practice (5:30 p.m.)
Aug. 8 Scrimmage at Stadium (5:30 p.m.)
Aug. 9 Practice (7:45 a.m.); Practice (6 p.m.)
Aug. 10 Practice (5:30 p.m.)
Aug. 11 Practice (7:45 a.m.); Practice (6 p.m.)
Aug. 12 Scrimmage at Stadium (5:30 p.m.)
Aug. 14 Practice (5:30 p.m.)
Aug. 15 Practice (7:45 a.m.); Practice (6 p.m.)
Aug. 16 Practice (5:30 p.m.)
Aug. 17 Scrimmage at Stadium (5:30 p.m.)
Aug. 19 Practice (7:45 a.m.); Practice (6 p.m.)
Aug. 20 Practice (9:30 a.m.)

Practice Sites
All practices will be held at the Rugby Fields west of Lloyd Noble Center unless otherwise noted. All practices are open to the public unless otherwise noted.


Several ex-Sooners to play key roles: The Oklahoman

OU-Texas Game No. 77: The Oklahoman

Longhorns know it starts with topping the Sooners: Norman Transcript

2005 Oklahoma Football Season Preview: SoonerSports.com


(7/22) Oklahoma Sooner Big 12 Media Transcript

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Big 12 Oklahoma Media Day Transcript

HOUSTON -- Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops, linebacker Clint Ingram, wide receiver Travis Wilson and offensive tackle Davin Joseph met with the press on Wednesday at Big 12 media days in Houston.

The following is a transcript provided by the Big 12 Conference:

PETER IRWIN: Coach Stoops, thank you for joining us. If you will introduce your players, please.

COACH STOOPS: Thank you. Great to be here and look forward to visiting with all you guys. First, we are looking forward to 2005 year, really, our expectations will not change. We feel we have a talented and strong team coming up.

We have a number of guys, when you look at the board, 16, 17 guys that have started two or more games. Many have started five or six games returning, and we are looking forward to competing again for the Big 12 championship.

That's where everything starts with us, is at Oklahoma and if things go right, hopefully be in the national championship picture and have an opportunity there at the end of the year.

Guys with me here today, I will start on the far end, is Travis Wilson, senior wide receiver, led our team in touchdown catches last year from Dallas, Texas.

Next to him is Davin Joseph, senior offensive tackle this year, has started in our offensive line for the last three years, started as a true freshman, actually, as an offensive guard, next to him, Jammal Brown for a good number of years, and is going to be our left tackle this year. Davin Joseph is from Miami, Florida.

Next to me is Clint Ingram, senior linebacker, had a great, great year for us a year ago, and Clint is from Hallsview, Texas.

PETER IRWIN: Okay, we will take questions for the coach and the players.

Q. I was just wondering how D.J. Wolfe and Lewis Baker were doing at secondary?

COACH STOOPS: D.J. Wolfe and Lewis Baker have adjusted quite well. They had good springs, made a lot of progress in the spring and, you know, the two-a-day sessions, 29 practices, leading up to the first game will be a big factor for them, but they fit the positions well and really embraced them and like the changes, so I think they have an opportunity to be really solid players there.

Q. Bob, can you give us the substance of your quarterback situation?

COACH STOOPS: Sure. Our quarterback situation for us, we are excited about it. It would be a problem if we had three guys and you didn't feel they were talented enough, and that would be a problem. These guys are all very talented, very skilled in that position, and they are hard workers. They have the respect of the teammates. They are reliable guys. They all throw the ball well.

Really, they are more athletic as far as feet go than anybody we have had in the last five years, all three of them. So all of that together, we feel, in the end, that's going to be a strong position on our team. The bottom line is we haven't had enough opportunity for any one of them to earn it. Everybody wants it to be finished.

We at Oklahoma have never appointed anybody in that position or any others, and for these players to respect whoever is behind the center, they need more time to earn their way on the field. Twenty-nine practices leading up to the first game is twice as many practices and scrimmages as you get in spring ball, so we will work it out, and as time goes we will find the right guy, and who makes the most positive plays and avoids the bad ones. I believe, in the end, it's going to be a good position for us.

Q. Coach, with that uncertainty at quarterback, does more pressure fall on Adrian to duplicate what he did last year, or is that just already told, that he is going to be that big a part of your offense?

COACH STOOPS: We are not going to sit here and put more pressure on Adrian. I think the most success we have had, you know, offensively, and it has been a lot because of the balance we have been able to have, that we have thrown it well, and we have run it well.

I think they compliment one another, so I believe we will give Adrian more to do, involving him more in our passing game, that he will be able to handle more of that this year, it will be an advantage to us as well. Outside of that, you know, he ran the ball a good number of times a year ago.

We are not going to sit there and run him 40 times a game. We are going to do our best to have the kind of balance we have had.

Q. Bob, the expectations seem to be down just a tad from how they have been for you guys the last three, four, five years. Do you like this situation you have got where a lot of people respect expecting things out of you?

COACH STOOPS: I don't know if it's fair to say I like it. I am a little bit disinterested in it. It doesn't really matter to me whether we are picked favorites or not. You know, we have been in both situations and we found our way in other years to championships and other years where we have been picked favorites and not been. You have to earn your way.

I say it a lot, or every year, as long as they are going to let us play, it doesn't much matter. Whoever it is, they are going to earn their way and fight for it. I feel great that we have an opportunity to be in there with anybody.

Q. How tough is it going to be to replace Jammal Brown, and who is the guy you want to do it?

COACH STOOPS: Jammal was an excellent player and just improved each and every year. So to replace him, a guy like that, I believe we have guys that are capable of it and they are a lot like Jammal. They developed like him -- will they develop like him, I have to see.

We moved Davin to the west side where Wes Simms was. Jamal started on the right side as a young guy when we had a left-handed quarterback, Josh Heupel, and just got comfortable there. Davin told him what to do just about pretty much every snap, didn't you, Davin?

Jammal was excellent for us, and those two together were a great team over there. We feel Davin has that exceptional ability to be a left tackle and we're going to give him that opportunity, and he did a great job all through spring.

Q. Bob, as great as your program is, and being from Austin, we have witnessed that, do you feel like your programs are invincible to take any hit in the Orange Bowl?

COACH STOOPS: Nobody is invincible, and everybody knows that. It didn't much matter the year before, Kansas State beat us and everybody said that was a recipe, this is how everyone will do it now, and we were fortunate enough to go through and win 12 football games and a Big 12 championship, so that wasn't the case.

Each year is different, each team is different. I have said it a bunch of times. You earn your way every time. You are going to line up every time and nobody thinks you are invincible. That's just talk out there. I don't think it much matters. We are going to go play and compete like we always do.

Q. As far as the players, like Coach said, you have been in both situations, the hunted more than the hunter, though. Which role do you like better? Do you like the role of the favorite? Do you like being in the role of everybody is overlooking us a slight bit? What do you three guys think?

COACH STOOPS: Start with you, Travis, and work this way.

TRAVIS WILSON: It has advantages and disadvantages of being on top and have everyone come after you, but also it's great to prove people wrong and have people second-guess you, and you prove them wrong at the end of the season.

It works hand-in-hand, but our motivation, our goals are all the same every year. We want the championship every year and that's all we work for. That's all we imagine in our minds and that's what we are training for. Regardless what position we are this year, bottom line is that we want to be on top at the end of the season.

I don't have too much of an opinion on that, being on top or being ranked lower or higher, it doesn't too much matter to me. I just look forward to playing the games and looking forward to the competition in this conference, being such a great conference, and trying to climb to the top and get to the championship game again.

CLINT INGRAM: We always go out and every game we treat the same. I mean, whichever team we might be playing, we treat them all the same. The way we work around Oklahoma and our tradition and pride, the way we go about doing things, it doesn't matter where we start or if we are at the top or bottom. It's always where you finish at.

Q. Davin's role, especially given the his role is keeping everybody straight, describe how important that is.

COACH STOOPS: Davin has been a great leader on our offensive line for the last couple of years, maybe not as a true freshman, Davin, but sophomore and junior year definitely. Davin is a very sharp young man and has a great football mind, as well as being a great student.

He is a guy that, up on that front line, if we have a dummy count or a late count where he can see a blitz coming, he can see the defense, and he has a great knack for telling guys next to him whether it's center, tackle, relaying it down the line, hey, you are going here, I am going here. He sees what the defense is doing and who he needs to pick up, but also who everybody else needs to pick up. He does a great job of communicating it across the group.

Q. Bob, Davin mentioned that memories of the Orange Bowl had figured in some off-season motivation for some of the players. Has that been at all in the coaches' minds, and at what point do you guys say, "Forget it, that's done"?

COACH STOOPS: I don't buy into a whole lot of that. It may some to these guys on a tough, hot day, it may jump in there. We are not sitting around talking about that. You know, each year is different. We have a different team. Whether you have won it, it isn't going to help you the next year, and what you lost isn't going to help you the next year.

Our guys work, and these guys will chuckle about it, but it doesn't much matter to us. The way we work, we work hard, and get ready, and win or lose, I am just not much into that false motivation or, you know what I mean, that superficial stuff. That's gone. We have to go fight our way back this year regardless of what would happen.

Q. Travis, you have had a quarterback there the past six years probably telling every player on offense what to do and be a coach on the field. Are you finding yourself now having to help coach the quarterback position or counsel some of these guys?

COACH STOOPS: Boy, I hope not.

TRAVIS WILSON: I have had to mature a little bit, and definitely going into this year not having a leader, the people look for in the quarterback position, he hasn't had as much experience. I feel I help out some of the younger guys a little bit more, make things a little more smooth, but the quarterback, they are great leaders and they know the role that they are taking over.

They know what needs to be done. I mean, they are doing a great job preparing for the season coming up. They will be able to handle it their own way. I throw in my two cents now and then and try to help our team out.

Q. Bob, can you update us on Dusty's rehab? Has he been able to lift weights?

COACH STOOPS: His rehab has been excellent. The trainers told me, really, as much as three weeks ago that they felt he was two or three weeks ahead of schedule. He has been doing virtually all of the lifts. There is just -- with the muscle, there is just a certain few minor lifts that he is not able to do.

All the major lifting, benching and squatting, and all the major movements that we do, he has been able to do probably 90 percent of them. Would that be right, Dav? You are in there with him, right?


COACH STOOPS: From talking to Dusty, he feels great, and I felt all along he probably would be ready right off the bat. I think he will be. That's not a definite. It will surprise me if he is not.

Q. This is for Davin. Can I get your assessment of how you felt the quarterbacks did in two-a-days, how they handle the huddle, how the guys respond to them?

Those guys are doing great. That's a big role and a big challenge, being the main guy. All of them have put in a lot of time and put in great effort. We haven't had enough time to see who will take over the spot, and that's one thing we will look forward to coming in two-a-days. Everybody has a positive attitude on offense about who is going to be the next quarterback and who is going to lead this team. It has been a lot of fun so far.

Q. Bob, have you witnessed more wrinkles having a more mobile and healthier quarterback?

COACH STOOPS: Sure. You never stay on the same path. We look for what fits what we do and what our talent is. These guys are all very capable of -- you have seen all the quarterbacks running plays, everybody else has, and we will have them, too. But we are not going to the triple option. Those guys would be more of a threat, definitely, than what we have had.

PETER IRWIN: Okay, gentlemen, if you step to the back we will let you get to the tables and take the one-on-ones. Good luck to you. (SoonerSports.com)

(7/22) Dozen Oklahoma Big 12 Media Week Notes and Articles

Oklahoma Sooner's Notes and Articles

Here's all the Oklahoma related Big XII Media Week Articles and Notes bunched into one.

Oklahoma Sooner August Schedule:
The University of Oklahoma football team announced its preseason schedule Tuesday of practices, scrimmages and a chance for fans to meet the Sooners. Players are to report Aug. 3 with the first practice on Aug. 4. The team will meet with fans on Aug. 5 from 10:30 a.m. until noon and will have preseason scrimmages on Aug. 7 and 14. The season-opener is Sept. 3 at home against Texas Christian University, and the Big 12 opener is Oct. 1 at home against Kansas State University.

Peterson No Show: OU coach Bob Stoops was asked about standout running back Adrian Peterson's absence at media days. Peterson was the 2004 Heisman Trophy runner-up. Stoops cited his tradition to bring seniors to the event. Peterson is just a sophomore. "Besides," Stoops said, "why burden him on having to see all you guys?"

Dvoracek recovering: Defensive tackle Dusty Dvoracek is progressing in his rehabilitation of a biceps injury and is lifting weights. The senior from Lake Dallas could play in the season opener.

Tim Griffin: With nine starters back, Stoops 'realistic': San Antonio Express

Best Quote: "Everybody wants to sensationalize things when we don't reach our goals," Stoops said.

"That's OK. I have a realistic view of what we've done. I feel incredibly fortunate in what we've done in the last five years. We're going to try to do the same thing again over the next five years." (SAE)

Sooners have all the answers: The Oklahoman

Peterson's absence is all part of the plan: The Oklahoman

Some are predicting sophomore jinx will befall Sooners' Peterson: The Oklahoman

Arrowhead doesn't thrill OU: Lawrence Journal World

Bowl win was nice, but Horns would Sooner have titles: Dallas Morning News

It's a good bet Stoops won't let OU down: Houston Chronicle

OU wants to run the South with new QB: Kansas City Star

OU has to have an off season Sooner or later . . . doesn't it?: Middletown Journal

Brown's hope for beating OU -- the Rose Bowl: The Oklahoman

OU not fazed as media picks UT: Dallas Morning News

Oklahoma plans balanced attack: SoonerSports.com

OU-Texas No. 78 -- 1900: The Oklahoman

Texas knows the pressure's on: Norman Transcript

Bowl win was nice, but Horns would Sooner have titles: Dallas Morning News

Big 12 football notebook: Dallas Morning News

Texas optimistic about return trip to Rose Bowl: Ft. Worth Star-Telegram

As usual, Texas' title hopes hinge on Red River Shootout: CBS Sportsline


(7/19) Oklahoma-Miami near signing, OU picked 2nd in Big XII South and more.

Oklahoma Sooner's Notes and Articles

Oklahoma-Miami Series near signing: The proposed two-game series has yet to be formalized. Contracts need to be signed, and details need to be finalized. Yet insiders say that the blockbuster deal between the powerhouse programs is almost done. The Hurricanes would come to Norman in 2007, and the Sooners would make the trip to Miami in 2009. Not only is this the resurrection of one of the best series in all of college football -- OU-Miami was the matchup of the mid '80s -- but it is also an example of how to do business. Athletic directors across the country should take note. Just because the NCAA added a 12th game to the schedule doesn’t mean it has to be a cupcake. (NewsOK.com)

Sooner picked second in Big 12 South: Oklahoma's football team has been picked for a second-place finish in the Big 12 South in a preseason polling of league media. Colorado was picked to win the North division and Texas the South. The Sooners have won the South in four of the last five seasons including the last three in a row. Oklahoma has three Big 12 Championships in Bob Stoops' six seasons in Norman. Colorado returns 18 starters off of last year's Big 12 North championship team that went 8-5 and won the EV1.net Houston Bowl. The Buffs received 25 first place votes out of a possible 50 media ballots. Iowa State was picked second followed by Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas State and Kansas. (SoonerSports.com)

Soooner Day Set: The University of Oklahoma Athletics Department will conduct its annual Meet the Sooners Day for the OU football team on Friday, Aug. 5, on the practice fields immediately south of Gaylord Family - Oklahoma Memorial Stadium. Entry into the event will be through Gate 7 at the northeast corner of the stadium and the line will form from south to north under the east grandstand. At 10:30 a.m., security personnel will lead fans into the autograph area through gate 12 near the Switzer Center. (SoonerSports.com)

Big 12 Sooner Media Day: Tomorrow is Big 12 Media day for the Oklahoma Sooner's in Houston, TX. Oklahoma players Linebacker Clint Ingram; offensive tackle Davin Joseph; wide receiver Travis Wilson will be available for Big 12 media.

OU-Texas game No. 81 (1993): The Oklahoman


(7/17)Oklahoma-Miami Series Almost Set, Peterson Big XII Preseason and more.

Oklahoma Sooner's Notes and Articles

Oklahoma-Miami Series Also Set: Oklahoma is a few pen strokes away from formalizing an agreement for a two-game football series with Miami. Contracts have not yet been signed, but a source said that should happen as early as this week. Under terms of the deal, the Sooners and Hurricanes would play in Norman in 2007 and Miami in 2009. Also, OU plans to move a game at Washington from 2007 to 2008. Washington is scheduled to play in Norman in 2006; the Huskies asked OU to postpone the return date in Seattle by a year. (NewsOK)

Peterson named Preseason Offensive Player of the Year: Adrian Peterson (Oklahoma) was named Preseason Big 12 Offensive Player of the Year, Rodrique Wright (Texas) was selected Preseason Defensive Player of the Year and Zac Taylor (Nebraska) was chosen Preseason Newcomer of the Year in a poll voted on by media who cover the Big 12 Conference. Peterson was the runner-up in last year?s Heisman trophy balloting as well as the Big 12 Offensive Newcomer and Freshman of the Year. The 6-2, 210, sophomore running back was a 2004 All-Big 12 first team member while finishing second in the league in rushing with 148.1 yards per game. His 15 touchdowns for the Sooners ranked third in the conference. (BIG 12 Sports)

Texas leads Oklahoma early in recruiting: Through the first six months of the college football recruiting season, Texas has opened some eyes. Oklahoma, meanwhile, is trying to open some doors. And so it goes in the offseason's Red River Shootout. The Longhorns lead. The Sooners follow. Just who will win probably won't be determined until the recruits turn into contributors sometime in 2006 or 2007. For the time being, consider Texas with a first-quarter lead. And that fast start didn't just happen due to luck. Texas coach Mack Brown, long known as Coach February for his ability to win recruiting wars but not games, knew this was a make or break year. "(This year) Mack Brown knew he had to re-establish some recruiting because last year his class wasn't as big because of limited scholarships," said Jeremy Crabtree, national recruiting expert for Rivals.com. "They kind of took a hit. So he had to re-establish some momentum and get those players in his own back yard, and he has done that with a bunch of top players," Crabtree added. In fact, the Texas staff has grabbed 22 commitments already. Fifteen to 16 of those are very solid players who should hold up, said Tom Lemming, editor of the Prep Football Report. (NewsOK)

OU, OSU, QBs to skip Houston trip for Big 12 Media Day: The Oklahoman

Got Something? Not much news in the mid-summer on Oklahoma Sooner Football. If you got a Oklahoma Sooner news, tidbit, or commentary you'd like to see on GNEXT Sooner E-Magazine e-mail it at . Fans if you got Oklahoma Sooner Football picture(s) from games, or gameday related submit them for the Oklahoma Sooner Football Fan Photo Gallery, please provided credit and information with picture at .


(7/15) Oklahoma leads Big XII attendance

Oklahoma Sooner's Notes and Articles

Oklahoma leads the Big XII in attendance: Oklahoma's average attendance in 2004 for six home games was 84,532 including a record 84,916 fans who jammed Memorial Stadium for the 30-3 pasting of Nebraska on November 13. Oklahoma ranked first in the Big 12 and No. 9 in the nation in average attendance. Oklahoma ranked No. 4 in the nation in percent of stadium capacity filled for a home game. OU averaged 84,532 fans per game with an official stadium capacity of 82,112 or 104% capacity. (Full chart and figures at SoonerSports.com)



(7/9) OU Preseason Rankings and Articles

Oklahoma Sooner's Notes and Articles

Oklahoma Sooners Preseason Rankings: College football preseason magazines fill the aisles of supermarkets and bookstores during the summer months. The 2005 Sooners are tied with Michigan for the No. 4 slot in a consensus ranking of Street & Smith, Lindy's, Sporting News, Phil Steele and Athlon. Oklahoma gets its highest rankings (No. 4) from Street & Smith and Athlon while the Sporting News puts the Sooners lowest at No. 9. Oklahoma was a consensus No. 2 pick in 2004, No. 1 in 2003 and 2002 and No. 4 in 2001. The Sooners began the 2000 season with a No. 21 consensus ranking before rolling to a 13-0 season and the school's seventh national title. (SoonerSports.com)

Ex-Sooner Griffin still has plans in Denver: The Oklahoman

OU-Texas Game No. 91: The Oklahoman


(7/8) Titans sign Jones, CFB News Big XII Preview, Stoops and more.

Oklahoma Sooner's Notes and Articles

Oklahoma football coach Bob Stoops, left, and South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier field questions during a news conference at Daytona International Speedway in Daytona Beach, Fla., prior to the running of the NASCAR Nextel Cup Pepsi 400, Saturday, July 2, 2005. The coaches were at the track participating in pre-race ceremonies. (AP Photo/Paul Kizzle)

Bob Stoops, left, and South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier field questions during a news conference at Daytona International Speedway in Daytona Beach, Fla., before the start of the Pepsi 400

Titans Draft Jones in Supplemental: The Tennessee Titans used next year's 3rd round pick in order to draft Brandon Jones in this year's NFL supplemental Draft. It is unusual for NFL teams to use such a high draft pick when selecting players in the supplement draft, especially when the player in question wasn't even a full time starter in College. Brandon Jones played four seasons for the Oklahoma Sooners. He was a part time player who amassed a modest 82 catches for 1,187 yards and 14 touchdowns during his collegiate career. Those numbers would hardly warrant a 6th or 7th round pick during the regular NFL draft, but the Tennessee Titans see something special in this 6'1' 210 pound receiver. Jones was a two sport player at Oklahoma. He only played two seasons of baseball, then decided to focus solely on football. Unfortunately, he was competing for playing time with the likes of All-America Mark Clayton and 2nd round NFL draft pick Mark Bradley. That didn't bode well for Jones, especially because of Oklahoma's propensity to run the football.(titans.realfootball365.com)

College Football News released their Big XII preview few tidbits:

5 fearless predictions for the Big XII

2. This really is the year Texas will beat Oklahoma, but the Longhorn's dream Big XII season will take a big hit in a loss at Texas A&M to close out the regular season. O.K., you win. When October 8th rolls around I'll probably wuss out and end up picking OU to win.

5 best Big XII pro prospects
1. Oklahoma RB Adrian Peterson, Soph. - Seldom do overhyped super-recruits live up to expectations, much less exceed them, but Peterson was everything and more as the best young back college football has seen since Herschel Walker. All Peterson did was rush for 1,925 yards and 15 touchdowns averaging 5.7 yards per carry starting off his career with nine straight 100-yard games. He's 6-2 and 210 pounds with 4.4 speed and linebacker strength. He's not going to offer much wiggle through the line, but he hits the hole hard and is a killer when he gets outside. The he-gets-better-as-the-game-goes-on cliché applies here, be he needs a little more help after pounding the ball between the tackles for most of last year and finishing with a whopping 339 carries.. He isn't much of a receiver, but that's looking for a problem that isn't there. Find more of the Big XII Preview at College Football News.

Alberts talks about Peterson's Heisman chances: The Oklahoman

OU-Texas Game No. 92: The Oklahoman


(7/7) Oklahoma #1, Alberts "Oklahoma Overrated" and articles

Oklahoma Sooner's Notes and Articles

Oklahoma #1 in Big XII: The OU football program ranked No. 5 in the nation and No. 1 in the Big 12 Conference for college athletes who wanted the best showcase for their athletic talent and also the best opportunity of a quality college degree in a recent study by sociology professors. The study ranked college sports programs on providing student-athletes wide national exposure and consistent progress towards a college degree. The OU men's basketball prorgam ranked No. 15 in the nation and No. 2 in the Big 12 behind No. 6 Kansas. (More on SAPR and more at SoonerSports.com)

Alberts puts Oklahoma Overrated: ESPN and Gameday commentator, Trev Alberts, last night reported for SportsCenter for the annual most overrated teams. Oklahoma Sooners landed in the category with University of Miami, Tennessee, Notre Dame, and Georgia. Alberts, reported he foresees Oklahoma to lose 3 games in 2005.

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(7/5) Stoops: "I am excited about the future"

Oklahoma Sooner's Notes and Articles

Stoops and OUInsider.com Interview: It's the middle of the summer and OU Head Football Coach Bob Stoops is trying to find some time to relax. To be honest, this is not a problem with Coach Stoops. He has his act down pretty well on how to be a head college football coach and a family man at the same time. However, the summer always has some things that have to be taken care of. There are always the summer football camps and recruiting to tend to. The Sooners off-season program is also in full swing as well, and despite the fact Stoops totally respects Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Jerry Schmidt, there are always things that toops has to deal with. Recently, Coach Stoops took time to talk with OUInsider.com about the upcoming season and issues that involve his Sooner football team. Stoops: "I am excited about the future"


(7/3) Stoops & Spurrier take in a day at the races and notes

Oklahoma Sooner Notes and Articles

Stoops and Spurrier take a day in at the races: There are very few places Steve Spurrier can walk around Central Florida without instantly being recognized. But for a brief moment it happened Saturday night, when the former University of Florida football coach trolled around the garage area of the Daytona International Speedway. "I was mingling around fairly well, with nobody recognizing me -- until the first guy did," Spurrier said. "We took a couple of pictures, and then everybody started saying, 'Who's that over there?' " For Spurrier, who is preparing for his first season at South Carolina, Saturday's Pepsi 400 marked his first NASCAR race. But in terms of high-profile college football coaches, he was hardly alone. University of Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops, a former defensive coordinator for the Gators, also was on hand. Stoops said he once attended the Daytona 500 about eight years ago. Both men attended the race at the invitation of Kerry Tharp, a former sports information director at South Carolina who now works for NASCAR. "I've looked forward to it and I'm tremendously impressed with what these drivers do, and I'm really impressed with the sport of NASCAR," Spurrier said. "I can see why it's maybe the biggest sport in the country now." Both coaches met Dale Earnhardt Jr., and Stoops got a chance to speak with Jimmie Johnson and his wife, Cheryl, who not only is from Oklahoma, but graduated from the University of Oklahoma. Spurrier also got to ride in a car that went around the track. Asked if he would be interested in getting behind the wheel and taking a stock car out for a spin, Stoops replied: "That would be awesome. I tell ya, I don't know that I'd trust myself, but I'd love to get in the passenger seat with those guys that know what they're doing." As far as parallels between football and racing, Stoops pointed out how the pit crew has to work in unison to get the driver back out on the track in the best-possible position. In other words, teamwork. "I would think the parallels are a little bit like golf," Spurrier said. "You can only have one winner, and how many cars are running tonight? Forty-three? Well, in golf they start out with 150 players and only one at the end of the week's the winner. "In football, we've got two teams. One's going to win. If it's an even game, you've got a 50 percent chance. This is a much tougher sport when you just have one winner out of so many competitors." (In part from Florida Today) Find more NASCAR Coverage at nascar.gnextinc.com

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(7/1) Sooner Greats Take Part in Video Shoot and more.

Oklahoma Sooner Notes and Articles

OU Greats take part in video shoot: Shooting continued Thursday on the 2005 OU football intro videos at the Switzer Center in Norman. The finished products will be on display for Sooner fans on the south end zone big screen during home football games beginning with the season opener on September 3 against TCU. Steve Sturges, Steve Parham, Kregg Lee and the Visual Image crew were on hand Thursday at the Switzer Center to continue production. Former Sooner greats Ken Mendenhall, Jack Mildren, Steve Owens, former head coach Barry Switzer, Rickey Dixon, George Cumby, Lucious Selmon, Dewey Selmon and Lee Roy Selmon joined current Sooner players on the second day of the video shoot. (Includes photos at SoonerSports)

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