Saturday, September 14, 2013

OU's Offense is Helping to Keep the Defense Off the Field

Through two games, Oklahoma's offense has had the ball for nearly 2:30 per game more than it did last season. The Sooners have run the ball 30 more times through two games this season while throwing just five fewer times.

“It's a little different style than people are used to seeing from us,” Sooners coach Bob Stoops said.

It certainly is. In the past two weeks, Oklahoma has two of its top 10 team rushing performances since 2003.

The defense is drawing plenty of praise for its play so far, having given up just seven points total through two games. The offense, though, even with the issues at quarterback, is providing plenty of help.

“At times here when we've had some of the poor defensive performances, people don't look at the offensive performance right next to it, it wasn't very good either,” Stoops said. “It magnifies, especially if you're tempo and throwing the ball, you're out there for three plays, go three-and-out and use 30 seconds on the clock and the defense is right back out there. It's not real healthy.” (The Oklahoman)
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