OU Spokesperson: We Are Aware of an Incident Involving A Player

Posted by Gilbert Sam on 3:53 PM
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An unnamed University of Oklahoma football player was involved in an incident early Friday morning, an OU spokesperson confirmed.

Norman police responded to an assault call early Friday morning at Campus Corner and no was arrested at the time.

The unnamed player is rumored to be freshman running back Joe Mixon.

Tulsa World's Guerin Emig posted the following on Twitter.

Mixon, who was very active on Twitter, has since deactivated his Twitter account some time Friday.


UPDATE: TheFootballBrainiacs.com is reporting that Joe Mixon was indeed at Pickleman's last night.

The following is from The Football Brainiacs...
1. Joe Mixon was at Pickleman’s last night. Our source was there as well.
2. Source tells us that a woman who appeared to be drunk came into Pickleman’s and starting “taking sh*t” to Joe for no apparent reason.
3. Source said Joe actually responded quite calmly to her.
4. Source said that while he (the source) was there, he never saw anyone hit anyone. Source also said that Joe never even raised his voice.
5. Source also told us that the woman involved left before he (the source) and Mixon left.
6. Another source tells us that Joe deleted his twitter account for reasons completely unrelated to this.

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