Surveillance Video Shows Joe Mixon Punch Female After She Pushed, Slapped Him

Posted by Gilbert Sam on 1:36 PM
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In a surveillance video clip lasting just less than three minutes, Oklahoma freshman running back Joe Mixon is shown punching a 20-year-old OU female student after a brief confrontation.

Norman Police showed the tape to about 40 members of the media Thursday morning at the Norman Investigations Center.

The clip was played five times for the group.

On the surveillance video taken from Pickleman’s Gourmet Cafe at just after 2:30 a.m. on July 25, the alleged victim, Amelia Rae Molitor leans over a table talking to people on the other side of the table before making a motion like she’s calling someone over.

Soon, Mixon appears wearing a t-shirt with sunglasses propped on his forehead and a lanyard around his neck.

Neither Molitor nor Mixon appear threatened based on their body language and Mixon appears to start to walk away before Molitor pushes him. Mixon lunges at her with a closed fist by his side before Molitor slaps him near the top of his neck on his left side.

That’s when Mixon delivers a right hook that knocks Molitor first into the table on her left ear and then to the floor where she laid motionless for several moments.

Immediately after the punch, Mixon exited the frame of the video toward the front of the restaurant, which is located just north of OU’s campus. He never re-entered the shot and no other football players were seen in the video. (More at The Oklahoman)

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