Bob Stoops Unhappy With Zack Sanchez's Show of Support for Suspended Teammate

Posted by Gilbert Sam on 10:28 AM
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In Saturday's game, cornerback Zack Sanchez wrote “Free Frank Shannon” on his headband and had “Free Baker” on his eye black. Of course, both statements are referring to players the Sooners don't have available to them this year. The school has suspended Shannon for the year, while Mayfield's absence is due to an NCAA ruling.

Bob Stoops said on the Big 12 teleconference he was unaware of that during the game, but addressed the issue during his press conference.

“They shouldn't be (making those statements); I don't like that,” Stoops said. “I stand by the university and what we've done and that will be addressed. Nothing team related is to be made public and that's the same on social media. I would regard that as social media. The team matters are to be with us, period.” (News9)