November 3, 2015

OU Upset With Unexpected Delivery of Bob Stoops Statue

A statue of Oklahoma head football coach Bob Stoops was spotted in Norman.

The statue was being hauled on the back of a truck down Lindsey Street near the OU campus.

It depicts what appears to be a coach with his hands on his hips, and a visor, Stoops’ signature headwear, on his head.

Later Monday, OU director of athletics Joe Castiglione issued a statement regarding the statue:

“Several years ago, when we began the process of recognizing our most accomplished coaches, we certainly included Coach Stoops in our planning. While statues of Owen, Wilkinson and Switzer have already been dedicated, Coach Stoops preferred to wait until a later date. Even though approvals of design, sculpting, production and storage took place, it was determined that the dedication would occur at a yet-to-be-determined point in the future. We did not receive any advance notice that the statue was to be transported to campus at this time. Moreover, we are extremely disappointed in the lack of consideration, respect and care that was shown in delivering the statue to Norman. This was completely unnecessary. It certainly is not reflective of the way we feel about Bob or the respect we’ll show him when his extraordinary achievements are properly celebrated.”

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