December 17, 2015

NCAA Claims Baker Mayfield Situation Is Out of Their Control

On Thursday an NCAA official released a statement to The Oklahoman concerning Texas Tech's unwillingness to release former Tech walk-on Baker Mayfield thus not allowing Mayfield another year of eligibility to play for Oklahoma.

From The Oklahoman:
An NCAA official reached out to The Oklahoman after a story earlier this week on Mayfield's plight.

"The NCAA does not have the ability to waive a conference rule," the official wrote.
"Therefore, there is no appellate opportunity beyond the conference decision at the NCAA level."

Due to a Big 12 rule, Mayfield had to sit out last season after transferring from Texas Tech and lost a season of eligibility in the process.

Mayfield initially appealed to the Big 12 after Texas Tech denied a release which would've waived the rule. But the Big 12 Faculty Athletics Representative voted to deny Mayfield's waiver request.

Mayfield is a junior this season and has one more season or eligibility remaining.
As it stands, Baker Mayfield, the former walk-on who never received a scholarship from Texas Tech will not regain his year of eligibility.

Texas Tech, it's time for you to do what's morally right.

OR... NCAA, IT'S TIME FOR YOU TO DO WHAT YOU DO BEST. Stick your nose into student-athlete's business... and correct this wrong.

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