February 17, 2016

Kevin Durant-Blake Griffin Trade Rumor

Could former Sooner Blake Griffin be dealt to Oklahoma City Thunder?

ESPN's Zach Lowe brings up the possible scenario of a sign-and-trade which would send Oklahoma City superstar Kevin Durant to Los Angeles in exchange for Blake Griffin in the off-season.

From ESPN.com:

Conflicting noise is spouting from Clipperville, but the smart money is on L.A. waiting until the summer to really get busy on the Griffin front. Doc Rivers wants to give this core one last postseason shot, and the Clips need Griffin just in case Kevin Durant picks them, triggering a Griffin-for-Durant sign-and-trade.

But the Griffin noise is real. He's no longer untouchable. The Clips are listening, even right now, and they've rarely listened before. If they get wind over the next four days that they're out of the Durant sweepstakes, they could accelerate the Griffin trade timetable. It would take a monster offer to pry him away before the draft, but the ground is trembling.
NBA trade deadline is tomorrow, February 18th, at 3 p.m.

UPDATE: NBA trade deadline passed with Blake Griffin remaining with LA Clippers.
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