March 8, 2016

Philly Coach: Sam Bradford's 'Best Days Are Ahead of Him'

Great news, skeptical Eagles fans: New coach Doug Pederson thinks this is the year former Sooner and current Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford puts it all together!

"His best days are ahead of him," Pederson said last week, "What he did toward the end of the season last year, building on that. He mentioned continuity -- he knows the team, he knows the players. It might be a little different set of plays that we're installing, but he knows the guys. That right there leads me to believe that we can have success."

So did Bradford actually improve "toward the end of the season" in 2015? Turns out, he did.

Over the final five games, the Eagles went 3-2 while he completed 67 percent of his throws for 1,428 yards, 8 touchdowns and 4 interceptions with an average passer rating of 93.6. (More at

Philly Coach: Sam Bradford "Perfectly" Fits Offensive System

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