Friday, October 28, 2016

Football: Big 12 Will Take Top 2 Teams For Title Game, No Divisons

The Big 12 conference announced Friday that its championship game, which returns next season, will match the top two football teams in the conference standings.

The conference considered going to divisions out of its round-robin format but opted against it in the end -- despite a 7-3 vote among football coaches Wednesday in favor of splitting into divisions, sources told ESPN's Brett McMurphy.

"There are a number of advantages to matching our top two teams," Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby said in a statement. "Given our round-robin, nine-game scheduling model, it is expected the Big 12 champion will be uniquely positioned for College Football Playoff consideration.

"I would argue there will be no path more difficult than our champion's, where it will have played every team in the conference, faced at least one [Power 5] nonconference opponent, and then plays in our championship game. The guaranteed No. 1 vs. No. 2 matchup will be a great game for our fans, and it's hard to imagine a stronger position for a conference champion."

Bowlsby said the Big 12 would continue to use the same tiebreakers to determine the title game participants, with head-to-head matchups being the lone deciding factor when two teams finish with the same record. In the event three or more teams are tied, the Big 12 would compare conference records, then conference records against the next-highest-placed team(s), then scoring differential and then a draw -- in that order. (ESPN)

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