Friday, October 7, 2016

How Adrian Peterson Ended Up At Oklahoma Instead Of Texas

College football great and former Oklahoma running Adrian Peterson spoke to Sports Illustrated about how he ended up in Norman after being a lifelong Longhorn fan.

In SI's oral history of the Red River Rivalry, Peterson remembers a very memorable conversation with Mack Brown.

From Adrian Peterson:
My uncle, he played at the University of Texas in '97, '98, four years he played there, played with Ricky Williams and all those guys. I used to go up to the spring games and stuff when I was coming up. I was such a big Texas fan. Everything was UT. I remember standing up top of [the ramp], where the players come out, waiting for my uncle to come out, looking out at the stadium, at the scoreboard and telling myself then, "I'll be back here to play at the University of Texas." I remember speaking those words.

Once I got to my junior year, and I became the No. 1 player in the nation my junior and senior year, my first official offer was from University of Oklahoma. Texas A&M was my second offer and then Texas came in and offered me. I'm still a little salty, but I'm UT all the way in my mind.

I remember going up and talking to Mack Brown and I asked him the same thing I asked all the other coaches I met with: "Hey coach, I grew up here in Texas, grew up watching the Longhorns, my uncle played here. I remember sitting out here and telling myself that hey, one day I'll come here and play and now I have that opportunity. I just want to ask you one thing: If I come here, will I have the opportunity to compete for the starting running back position?" Mack Brown told me, "Well, Adrian, here's the thing: Cedric Benson, he's coming back for his senior year. So we're going to be loyal to him and let him finish out because he's coming back. Once he's gone, then, yeah, we'll open the doors and let you compete for it." I said, "O.K.," and I remember leaving that meeting and I remember X-ing Texas out, which I never thought I'd do.

I often think, he could have lied to me and I would have gone to Texas! I'm sure he thinks about it. He thought about—I'm sure he did—especially after the first game, when I went for 225 [yards] on them.
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