San Francisco acquires Trent Williams

‘I am thankful this is the over.'

Washington Redskins traded tackle Trent Williams on Saturday to San Francisco 49ers, the 49ers announced on Saturday.

They received a fifth-round pick in this year's draft and a future third-round pick in next year's draft in compensation for the All-Pro tackle.

On Saturday, John Lynch, General Manager of the 49ers, welcomed the addition of Williams, despite not securing him to a long-term contract.

Mark Tenally/Associated Press

"I think the plan was to land him right now and then let the rest kind of work itself out,"  Lynch told ESPN.com.

After growing mistrust of Washington's team management and medical staff, Williams met briefly with newly hired head coach Ron Riveria. The conversation was characterized as ‘positive’ by Riveria.

However, Williams ‘realized there was no relationship there’ in March.

Vincent Taylor, Williams’ agent, later said Washington didn’t negotiate in ‘good faith' and demanded they trade or release his client.

"Although Trent Williams will always love and respect Dan Snyder, his teammates, and the Washington Redskins' fans, he wants to be traded or released. It's time for the organization to act in a manner that is in both Williams' and the team's best interest," Taylor told ESPN.com.

Williams, 31, is entering the final season of a five-year, $68M contract, according to Spotrac, it’s the fourth-highest contract among left tackles in the league.

"We felt like even though we were assuming some risk without the Trent Williams thing being done, that was a risk we were willing to take," Lynch said, via ESPN.com.

Williams will likely seek a restructured contract or extension ahead of the start of the season -- he's due to $12.5M this season.

After the trade, Williams thanked Washington.

"I'm thankful this is over. Thanks to Dan and the organization for all they've done for me. Still a lot of love for the fans and that locker room. Now I'm focusing on being the best player I cay be for the 49ers," Williams told Rapoport.

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