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July 29, 2014

Andrew Howe, Kendric Maple Join OU Wrestling Staff

University of Oklahoma head wrestling coach Mark Cody has announced the addition of two former OU student-athletes and NCAA champions to his coaching staff. Andrew Howe has been hired as an assistant coach, while Kendric Maple will serve as a volunteer assistant coach.

Both Howe and Maple are coming off impressive and decorated collegiate careers. Howe is a four-time All-American, while Maple earned three such honors. The duo joins assistant coach Michael Lightner, who is also an NCAA champion and four-time All-American.

“Our goal through this process was to try to cover every weight class. I think we’ve done that, and we’ve done that with quality people,” Cody said. “With the addition of Andrew and Kendric, we now have three coaches on staff who have met the goals we want for all of our student-athletes. They are all NCAA champions, and all have graduated from the University of Oklahoma with excellent GPAs.

NSFW: How Sooner Fans Reacted to Allegations And Rumors About Joe Mixon

When rumors began to swirl early Friday afternoon that an unnamed University of Oklahoma football player was involved in a serious early Friday morning altercation at Pickleman's Gourmet Café on Campus Corner -- fans took to Twitter to speculate.

As sports fans on Twitter know too often that Twitter can be a roller-coaster of information and misinformation, we're quick to speculate details of who's involved, how it happened and what happened.

But as Friday evening progressed we learned the unknown player to be highly touted five-star running back Joe Mixon.

Mixon, an 18-year-old freshman, who's involvement in anything positive or negative would be newsworthy for any obsessed Sooner or college football fan thirsty for news.

Joe Mixon Plans Legal Action Against Accuser
Report: Joe Mixon Has Hired an Attorney, Says His Client Is Being Investigated
Joe Mixon's Alleged Victim Plans Legal Action

Fans wondered how could our highly touted running back Joe Mixon allegedly hit an intoxicated female for no reason?

From all accounts of this story it's unknown who provoked who.

But judging by Twitter we were quick to pass judgement (usually negative and disbelief) toward athletes on stories like these.


And, oh yes, there were Stephen A. Smith and Joe Mixon references...

BUT... We still believe the rumors are NOT true!

July 28, 2014

Joe Mixon Plans Legal Action Against Accuser

One of America's most coveted recruits of the 2014 college football high school recruiting class plans legal action against his accuser after an incident at a local Norman, Oklahoma pub.

Early Friday, July 25th an alleged incident occurred between 18-year-old Joe Mixon, former five-star prospect, and 20-year-old Amelia Rae Molitor an OU student at Pickleman’s Gourmet Cafe.

Texas A&M's Kevin Sumlin: If Stoops Wants to Play, Again... Lets Do It

Texas A&M coach Kevin Sumlin has long said he doesn’t make the Aggies’ schedule, he just plays it.

So either he’s had his powers extended along with that $2 million raise he received in the offseason (to $5 million annually), or he’s passing a sentiment along from his bosses, but Sumlin offered this on Friday at a Coach’s Night event before Houston Aggies via @Aggie_Sports on Twitter:

Norman PD: Video Evidence Shows Joe Mixon Involved in Altercation

An Norman Police Department press release stated the facts of the incident “describe an altercation between Amelia Rae Molitor, age 20 of Norman, and Joe Mixon that turned physical and concluded with Molitor sustaining injuries to her face.”

Mixon, an incoming freshman and high-profile recruit, wasn’t present when police arrived for the initial call, the press release stated.

READ Norman PD's Full Press Release Below

Report: Police Are Still Investigating Joe Mixon; No Charges Expected on Monday

Norman Police are still investigating assault allegations against highly-touted Oklahoma freshman running back Joe Mixon, and charges aren’t likely to be filed Monday, the district attorney’s office told The Oklahoman.

Mixon is being investigated for allegedly assaulting a female OU student at Picklemen’s Gourmet Cafe on Campus Corner early Friday morning.

The police incident report states that an unnamed male suspect assaulted Molitor inside Pickleman’s, stating that she suffered “apparent broken bones” following the incident.

“A female was hit in the face by a male subject — (the subject) is gone — she is in the bathroom … she is (conscious) and she is intoxicated … She is bleeding from the mouth … no difficulty breathing,” the report states. (More at The Oklahoman)

Joe Mixon's Alleged Victim Plans Legal Action
Report: Joe Mixon Has Hired an Attorney, Says His Client Is Being Investigated
OU Spokesperson: We Are Aware of an Incident Involving A Player

July 26, 2014

Former Sooner Kenny Stills Suffers Injury in Training Camp

Former Oklahoma and current New Orleans wide receiver Kenny Stills got hurt on the first day of Saints Training Camp.

"He was on a deep pattern," WWL Saints sideline reporter Kristian Garic (of New Orleans sports radio station) reported.

Garic says Stills stopped running as he was headed down field.

July 25, 2014

Joe Mixon's Alleged Victim Plans Legal Action

Norman police have confirmed an incident  [involving running back Joe Mixon] at Pickleman’s Gourmet Cafe in Norman, but said no arrests were made and an investigation is underway. A police incident report did not identify the suspect in the assault.

The report did, though, identify the alleged victim as Amelia Rae Molitor, a 20-year-old OU student from Euless, Texas, who spoke to The Oklahoman on Friday evening via telephone.

Molitor said she had never seen Mixon before he punched her in the face, breaking four bones. She said Mixon was “harassing” her and some of her friends at Pickleman’s before the incident.

Report: Joe Mixon Has Hired an Attorney, Says His Client Is Being Investigated

The Oklahoman's Jason Kersey is reporting the following..
Oklahoma freshman running back Joe Mixon was involved in a serious altercation at a restaurant near the OU campus early Friday morning, Mixon’s attorney confirmed to The Oklahoman.

Mixon’s involvement was first reported by, the Rivals site that covers OU.
Norman police have confirmed an incident at Pickleman’s Gourmet Cafe, but said no arrests were made and an investigation is underway.

An OU athletics spokesman said the department is aware of the situation and is conducting its own internal investigation.

Kevin Finlay, a Norman attorney, said Mixon contacted him about the incident shortly after it occurred. The attorney confirmed that Norman police had been in contact with Mixon but that his client had “not been arrested at this point.”
More at

From Earlier: OU Spokesperson: We Are Aware of an Incident Involving A Player

Joe Mixon involved in serious altercation early Friday:

OU Spokesperson: We Are Aware of an Incident Involving A Player

An unnamed University of Oklahoma football player was involved in an incident early Friday morning, an OU spokesperson confirmed.

Norman police responded to an assault call early Friday morning at Campus Corner and no was arrested at the time.

The unnamed player is rumored to be freshman running back Joe Mixon.

Tulsa World's Guerin Emig posted the following on Twitter.

Mixon, who was very active on Twitter, has since deactivated his Twitter account some time Friday.


UPDATE: is reporting that Joe Mixon was indeed at Pickleman's last night.

The following is from The Football Brainiacs...
1. Joe Mixon was at Pickleman’s last night. Our source was there as well.
2. Source tells us that a woman who appeared to be drunk came into Pickleman’s and starting “taking sh*t” to Joe for no apparent reason.
3. Source said Joe actually responded quite calmly to her.
4. Source said that while he (the source) was there, he never saw anyone hit anyone. Source also said that Joe never even raised his voice.
5. Source also told us that the woman involved left before he (the source) and Mixon left.
6. Another source tells us that Joe deleted his twitter account for reasons completely unrelated to this.

Report: Joe Mixon Has Hired an Attorney, Says His Client Is Being Investigated