Peterson on New NFL Rule: "Sooner or later we're going to be playing touch football"

Posted by Gilbert Sam on 4:10 PM
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When the NFL passed the "Crown of The Helmet" rule earlier this spring, they had to have assumed that controversy would not be far behind it's decision. Following the 31-1 vote that passed the rule on March 20th, 2013, NFL players immediately took to twitter and bashed the legislation that earlier that very day was assumed to have been dead in the water.

Three weeks later, and the league-wide malevolence continues. Last weekend Ray Rice sounded off sharing his disdain for the new rule and Tuesday afternoon, out in Beaverton, Oregon for a Nike event, Vikings running back Adrian Peterson became the latest to jump into the deep end and share his feelings on the league's new rule.

"Sooner or later we're going to be playing touch football," Peterson told me amidst rolling eyes and a frustrated shaking head. "That's just the passion in me that said that and then the maturity in me said, you know what, it's an okay rule because it protects players."

Despite his ability to step back and realize what might be the best intentions of the league, Peterson was not shy to make his displeasure with the new rule crystal clear as we continued to chat.

"The one thing I do not like about the rule is they single it out towards running backs," Peterson explained. "From my point of view, when you're looking at the defense and there's eleven guys coming at you. There's so many times that guys have came at me and lowered their helmet not with their face mask facing me. They just lowered their helmet and came in and dived at me, my legs and my knees." (More at KFAN)

Is Adrian Peterson out of line with his comments or do you agree? Post below.
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