Bob Stoops Takes a Few More Shots at SEC

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Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops appeared on Colin Cowherd’s show on ESPN Radio on Friday and couldn’t resist taking a few more shots at the SEC.

“When I made the comment, the bottom half of the SEC was like 0-36 against the top half of the SEC. You realize that? A year ago … nobody talks about that. My point was, don’t say SEC like they’re all doing that (beating everyone). One or two or three top teams … sure, you give them the credit. Alabama … I’ve got the utmost respect for them. Are you kidding me? How could you not? But in the end, don’t talk about the entire conference that way. It’s just not true.
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“Hey, I’ve got total respect for Alabama, but you can’t deny what we did last night. Obviously, we can play with anybody, whether it’s the SEC or anyone else. And to say we can’t … well, Alabama’s been rolling the SEC for the last three years and we didn’t seem to be overwhelmed last night. I’m done with that talk.”
 You can find the full interview here.

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