Brian Bosworth: The Problem with OU Isn't Bob Stoops.. It's the Players

Posted by Gilbert Sam on 3:39 PM
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On Friday, after Brian Bosworth was among the 2015 class inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame, The Boz shared his insight on why the program he loves has fallen off under Bob Stoops and what can be done to get the Sooners back from an 8-5 disappointment to a championship contender.

“Coach Stoops is an amazing coach, an amazing motivator,” Bosworth said. “I like him, I respect him a lot. But I think he’s dealing with a different type of athlete than he’d like to coach. We need to get the kind of athletes in there that are playing for the university and not for themselves. And that’s instilled from when they’re coming out of junior high and high school. I reference that because I think we’re losing the players to the video game world. They miss out that the traditional responsibility of making that choice to go to that specific university, wherever it is, and it’s a responsibility that you need to carry forward.

“It doesn’t last for four years. It’s broken down into four quarters, semesters, days — you’re only there for an average of 1,500 days, and those days are gone quickly and you can’t hit the reset button. So you need to motivate and tell these kids that while you’re here, you don’t need Twitter, you don’t need Facebook, you don’t need followers, you don’t need haircuts, you don’t need massages, you don’t need fancy flat-screen TVs in your locker room. You just need to come here and give a commitment to be a brick in the road and not a bridge to cross over. ..."

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