Former Sooner Spencer Tillman Blames Academic Standards for Stoops' Shortcomings

Posted by Gilbert Sam on 1:57 PM
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Spencer Tillman said he thinks the biggest problems coach Bob Stoops faces are political, and relate to academic standards that might be preventing OU from getting top-flight talent.

“It begins with the uneasy tension between academia and athletics and the focus of the administration on dealing with the academic piece first,” Tillman said. “What’s driving the success of that program — whether they want to acknowledge it or not — is that football program.

“Bob’s problem is political and it’s practical because they’re not getting the best athletes because of it.”

Tillman said those problems are made worse by the rise of programs like Baylor, TCU and Texas A&M, all of which are recruiting the state of Texas — once Oklahoma’s bread and butter — as well or better than the Sooners. (The Oklahoman)