November 4, 2015

Kenny Stills Breaks Teammates Nose in Practice

Former Oklahoma WR Kenny Stills elbowed Dolphins backup QB Matt Moore in the nose at practice last week, forcing Moore to undergo surgery.

“I’m kind of clumsy and I’ve fallen on my elbow a couple of times,” Stills said. “I knew immediately when I hit him by how bad my elbow hurt that something was wrong with his face. He was down on his knee, blood coming out of his nose. Everybody knew.”

Even though his face might take a while to heal, Moore doesn’t blame Stills for the nose job.

“I was handing the ball off if you can believe that,” Moore said. “We were going in different speeds, we had a fake handoff going one way, the handoff going the other way and his elbow caught me.”

Moore was asked if that’s ever happened to him before.

“Has that happened to anybody before?” he said. “It was kind of a one-in-a-million deal." (Palm Beach Post)

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