Mayfield vs Mahomes Highlights The Next Great Rivalry In NFL

Baker Mayfield, Patrick Mahomes statistics from Lubbock, TX showdown in Oct. 2016. (Graphic Courtesy: SI)
Sports are built on rivalries.

Manning vs Brady. Bird vs Magic.

The rivalries are endless, NFL is no exception especially at quarterback. Great storylines keep sports thriving.

TouchdownWire of USA Today Network recently ranked which QB rivalries could be the next Tom Brady vs Peyton Manning.

Oklahoma has two quarterbacks with starting roles, Baker Mayfield who leads the Browns and incoming rookie Kyler Murray of Arizona. Murray has yet to play a down in NFL to develop a rivalry with, maybe, the exception of Josh Rosen.

Mayfield highlights two of the up-and-coming rivalries. Mayfield vs Mahomes. Mayfield vs Darnold.

We all know, Mayfield vs Mahomes episode one in Lubbock, Michael Colangelo of TouchdownWire said of two competitors:

"Both quarterbacks are young, ultra-talented, and on teams that would be built for sustained success. Also, any time I look at this box score, I want more."
The other less notable rivalry we could see for years to come is Mayfield vs Darnold. Mayfield was taken first overall and Darnold at third in the 2018 NFL Draft.

"The 2018 draft battle. Count me as someone who thinks Darnold will make a leap in the next year or so. The Jets could take the AFC East mantle from the Patriots after Brady and Belichick retire in 15 years, " wrote Colangelo.
The Mayfield vs Darnold rivalry will be put to the test Sept. 16th. A potential Mayfield vs Murray rivalry could develop in a Dec. 15th matchup.

And though, it didn’t make the list -- Murray vs Goff contests in NFC West should be fun for years to come.
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