Kenny Stills Responds To Critic Blaming Athletes For Mass Shootings

Photo Courtesy: Mark Brown/Getty Images
An Ohio state representative posted on Facebook blamed “professional athletes who hate our flag and National Anthem,” following the shooting massacres in El Paso, Texas, Dayton, Ohio, that killed over 30 last weekend.

Candice Keller, an Ohio state representative, blamed marijuana, video games and those who a have “hatred for our veterans, ” as contributors to mass killings.

Miami Dolphins WR Kenny Stills known for his silent protest against social injustice commented following Monday’s practice. "I'd love to have a conversation with her, " Stills told Hal Habib of Palm Beach Post. Stills, who’s knelt during the Anthem the past three seasons, plans to continue into the 2019 season.

“Just hear what she has to say and then in the kindest way possible, with the most love and the most empathy that I have, try and explain to her why I do what I do," Stills said. "And show her pictures and just get her to understand, 'Hey, everything that I do is about bringing people together and trying to make this country a better place and leave it better than I found it.' 
"That's what I wake up to do every day and none of the things that she said in that (post) is making us any better. Just try to encourage her to think about the stuff that she puts out there and understand that hate and fear aren't going to get us anywhere."

Stills is hopeful his approach of listening and explaining himself could change Keller's stance.

“I've had a lot more successful conversations with people on the other side than unsuccessful," Stills said.

On Wednesday, Stills created a stir critizing Dolphins’ owner Stephen Ross after learning of plans to hold $250,000 fundraiser in The Hamptons headlined by President Donald Trump -- one of Stills’ chief critics.

Prior to learning of it, Stills commented on Trump: "I think people are learning from the President of the United States on how to just gather people and put people in groups so that you can kind of speak to certain groups of people and get them riled up.”

In offseason, Dolphins rejected any idea of trading or releasing him, according to Joe Schad of Palm Beach Post.

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