Gerald McCoy: I'll Always Be A Buccaneer

Monica Herndon, Tampa Bay Times
Gerald McCoy is a free agent, again.

The Southeast high school product turned All-American at Oklahoma hinted he may be entering the final chapter of his career.

McCoy, 31, has yet to play a down in the postseason.

After ten seasons, he wants to sign with a playoff contender and ‘experience the postseason,’ McCoy told Tampa Bay 55 podcast, via Pro Football Talk.

The six-time Pro Bowler was cut by Tampa Bay Buccaneers after the 2018 season ending a nine-year relationship with the team.

He didn’t harbor any ill feelings toward the team after the move, “It’s no hard feelings,” McCoy said while wearing a Buccaneers work gear.

“Technically, I’m a free agent and can wear what I want.”

McCoy would sign with division rival Carolina Panthers, spending only one season in Charlotte.

He learned football is a business, disappointed Tampa Bay allowed free agent Ndamukong Suh to wear his former jersey number.

Buccaneer teammates would continue to show their support for McCoy and his family. Collectively being McCoy's presence – attending his son's Senior night football game at Tampa Catholic High School, while he was traveling with Carolina Panthers.

“I’m going to always be a Buccaneer regardless of how people feel. You can’t take that from me, because of the time I put in and how I went about it. I’m always going to feel like I’m a Buccaneer.”

McCoy, while unlikely to play as Buccaneer, again, wants to play his final down in Tampa Bay.

The home of Super Bowl 55.

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